Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2014 Written Update

scene 1
Jahnvi says to sujata that simar bhabhi and roli bhabhi will manage everything. She says what will happen and how can we arrange your wedding in such an environment. Jahnvi thinks anurag telling her that he has concealed from his mom about his pregnancy. She syas I will talk to her mom. She calls her. She syas was remembering you. Jhanvi says yes maa. SHe thinks that she doesn’t know. She plans on asking anurag to tell her truth.

Scene 2
Sid and Prem are looking for the van. They go to a man who deal with old cars. Roli says maybe we should look as well. sdimar says we don’t have time. Khushi thinks theyw on’t prove anything. They have hurt their own selves. I have to ask sankalp to go out of this house. Then I will play another game. She syas they

must be looking for proofs. SHe takes out the extra mask holds it and says how will you show that I am fake when yo get this mask. Suddenly simar and roli comes in. SOnia hides it under her stuff. Simar says we know you wanna leave but there is a little time. We give you one more chance to confess. khushi won’t save you. Its her trait that she leaves everyone. She says now you will make me confess by force. Suddenly sankalp comes in and she pretends like roli and simar are hurting her.He says why are you doing this to my wife. Never thought you will threaten her.

Scene 3
Sid and prem tell the details to the dealer. He tells them about the dealer it belongs to. Sid says inform us as soon as you can.

Scene 4
Next morning the festival starts. Mata ji says i want you all to pray together without all the harshness. Sujata says you are right. Roli says but she should not be her. Mausi ji says we celebrate everything her. Sankalp sonia and karuna come. Anurag’s comes as well. SHe meets everyone. Anurag has come as well. SHe wonders if anurag has told her or not. She asks mata ji is everything okay. Sujata says yes we are a bit tired that’s all. Jhanvi asks anurag did he tell ? she says is my child a burden that you don’t even wanna discuss him. What will I say to her if she gets to knwo. Please tell her. She goes in for pooja. Simar prays to get the fake sonia expossed .
The pooja starts.
Sid and prem are wit the dealer. Simar calls sid. She asks what happened ? He says we are close. Keep praying. She tells roli. Roli says do you remember she got scared when we went t her room. I guess there is something in the suitcase.

Precap- Everyone dances. Sankalp with sonia. Roli and simar are looking for a chance.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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