Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rita says she came with you sitting on front seat? Am I right? Simar says mam.. Rita says shut up you are a servant here. My kids’ care taker, don’t dream of becoming owner of this house. Simar says I am sorry mam. Kapoor says she is here thats why our kids are so cultured. You are insulting her. Our kids would have been like that. Stop insulting Simar. Rita breaks a vase in anger.

Khushi says she is a child prem. Prem says don’t take her side. She has not manners, she slapped him and he apologized. Because of her she is not out of school. Anjali says if he is so nice then leave me and adopt him. Prem says shut up and slaps her. Khushi says you.. Prem says you have made her that way. Anjali says don’t say anything to KB. You don’t care about me like my mother

didn’t I should better die. She slits her wrists. Everyone runs to her. Mataji says call the doctor.
Khushi says in heart simar I am totally successful in spoiling your daughter.
Piyush says mama always cares about Rohan and Roshni. I won’t eat today. she doesn’t care about me.
Simar comes to room and sees piyush asleep. Simar wakes up and says someone is mad. Simar says I have a surprise for you. Piyush says what is it? Simar says we will go to amusement park. Just mama and you. Piyush says why dont I have a papa? SImar says you have papa. He is strong and handsome. Piyush says then why doesn’t he live with us? simar says because sometimes life brings you ups and downs. We can’t live together. You are too young to understand. He says I will bring papa when I grow up.

Mataji says I was so worried for Anjali today. We have to bring her on right track. Prem says there is a way and that is Simar. Mataji says you are saying that? Prem says yes. its about time she should come back to this house. Mataji says I am so happy after so many years. You realized that only simar can make Anjali better. She can make this family united again. Prem says I am only worried about Anjali. I have been trying to find simar out since a long time. Mataji says really? you never told me. prem says I found no clue where she is? Mataji says where will we find her? Prem says I dont know but I have decided i will bring her back in fifteen days. Mataji says where there is a will there is a way. Your wish will be fulfilled.
Pari tells Khushi that prem wants to bring simar back, Khushi says we will lose our position. Uma says we won’t let that happen. Khushi says yes.

Simar comes to Kapoor’s room and says can I have leave for tomorrow? I have to go to park with Piyush. Kapoor says sure, you can take driver. Rita says why don’t you drop them. Simar says I will take the car. Kapoor says shut up Rita. you will go from car simar.
Prem comes to his room and sees a card anjali made in childhood. Prem caresses it and smiles.

Prem comes to Anjali’s room and shouts. Mataji says what happened? Prem says I heard her talking on phone. She said cutting hand was an excuse for not going to school. If you want to live in this house then live with manners, do you understand? Mataji says calm down prem. Prem says no she is out of hands now. Mataji says you come with me prem. Karuna says Anjali.. Anjali says I don’t wanna talk to anyone. KB saus Anjali will talk to me right? anjali says everyone thinks I am wrong. KB says calm down. Anjali says they behave like I am their toy, My mom left me and my dad is always mad at me. I wish I was independent and would earn myself. I would do what I want to. Khushi says you can do that. Anjali says how? KB says you are so pretty and fit, you should start modelling. My friend is a photographer. He will take you for the shoot.

Precap-KB asks anjali are you ready? Anjali says all my dresses are there. Khushi says don’t tell anyone in the house that you are going for modelling. Anjali says no one will know. Mataji comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. happy to know that prem still loves simar
    anjali is completely a spoilt brat
    sanju is definitely not gonna be like that because sid is with her and dont know about prerna
    but atleast prerna would not use sanju like how khushi is using anjali

  2. anyways we can name the 3 kids piyush anjali sanjana together as piyanju

    1. nice…PIYush+ANjali+sanJU = PIYANJU…PREMAR KIDS

  3. I think sid and prerana got married and they have a daughter named roli. Sanjana is also living with them.

  4. loving this track a lottt…prem simar both looking handsome nd gorgeous…hope simar come back 2 bw house soon nd teach lesson to 3 idiots, pari,uma,khushi…cant see prem anjali bonding like this..excited for premar 1st meeting

  5. I should not be saying this but I’m feeling very happy that baradwaj family is suffering in hands of kushi. They deserve this. And you prem, now you need simar to set Anjali on right path?? You are too late for that. And that stupid family who thought simar’s child is evil has been a good boy by simar’s upbringing and they spoiled the poor Anjali who was so innocent in her childhood. I wish that simar must return to the baradwaj house and give a tight slap to that 3 idiots (pari, uma, kushi,) for spoiling Anjali

  6. Where is sid

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