Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid says we looked everywhere for prem. Amar says Sattu and shalu are with cops, they are keeping a check. Sujata says I am really scared. Its morning and yet we have to clue. Simar goes to temple to pray, she is taken aback to see the ashes there. She calls everyone. Everyone is dazed to see the this. simar says did that witch did all this? Amar says no she is arrested, she can’t do anything. Sujata says witches can do anything, they have the power. Simar says prem is missing there is something behind it. I am really worried. Amar gets a call from Mohini.
Mohini says did you find prem? amar says no. Mohini says i want to come there, but maa is not well. Amar says we will handle here and you take care of aunty. I will let you know whatever we find out about prem. Mohini

says yes please call me.
Mohini hangs up and says looks prem i took you with me and simar couldn’t even know. She came in between my mission. Sunanda says you are really my daughter. Mohini says lets go for the airport.

Simar looks at the temple and says please if I had made a mistake punish me not Prem. Mohini says simar made a mistake by bringing me in her life. Lets see what I do to prem and simar now. Simar lits the candle in the temple, winds start to blow, simar covers the flame. she says why i feel like there is something wrong going to happen. Please take care of Prem. Mata ji comes and covers the flame with simar. Mata ji says God always forgives the unintentional mistakes. God will take care of Prem. Simar sees the bottle there. She shows to mata ji and says what is it? It looks like some medicines, there is something written in bengali on it. Manufactured in Kolkata. Looks like some local medicine. Mata ji says but what is it doing in our house?

Scene 2
Everyone gets ready for the pooja and wedding. Swara’s mom is worried aboout arrangements. Shekhar says don’t worry and Lakshya is with Swara at all costs everything will be fine. Mohini, sunanda come there with prem. Swara comes out. Mohini says to swara can you tell us where is room no. 12. Swara says that is empty. Mohini says yes we will stay there for a day. Dadi comes and says to Swara don’t talk to unknown people. Swara says I will be back in just two minutes. Swara directs them to room no. 12.
Maa asks swara are you ready? she says almost. Maa says we have arranged this pooja for you and look at you. Swara hugs her and says relax, everything will be fine. I am almost ready just have to wear the bangles. Swara sees mohini and sunanda pulling prem. She says should i help you? Shekhar comes and helps them taking prem upstairs. Mohini says thank you. Sunanda says you are really nice people. Swara says are you here for some work? Mohini says yes we will leave tomorrow. Is there a function? Swara says its my wedding tomorrow, we have a pooja today. Mohini says in heart oh she is Swara for whom i am called here. Swara asks what happened? Mohini says nothing, you are so beautiful and congratulations. My name is manvi. Well you should not walk out, its your wedding tomorrow, you can catch bad eye. Swara says i don’t believe in all this, I believe in God only. Mohini says I do, he is my husband, he is this way because of evil eye. I am here to pray in front of your God for him. Swara says God is for everyone. And let me know if you need something. Mohini says yes just a bottle of water. Swara goes to bring it. Mohini says she is so happy but she doesn’t know what is going to happen in her life.

Amar says cops saw prem going to Kolkata. Sid says he was not is senses as i saw in cctv footage. It looked like he is doing this on someone’s order. Sujata says this must be black magic of that witch. Amar gets a call from inspector says he says we are coming there. Amar says they were taking thakurain to HQ and she ran fled. Khushi says what will we do now. Sattu says we inquired about that medicines, doctors said that is used to numb the human brain. Simar says i will go to kolkata and bring prem back home. i will face everything and bring my husband back. Amar says i will come with you. Mata ji says i will go as well. And rest of you will stay here together. Rajhinder says i will book your tickets. Simar says God you have always ended the evil. Give me power to stop that witch and bring my husband back home. Roli says we dont know whats behind all this, i wont let you go alone. She can harm you, i will come with you. Simar says no one of us has to stay here and Anjali will be worried to see none of us here. You have to take care of everyone here. Mata ji says simar is right. And i am sure that simar will bring prem back home.

Precap-Mohini says I have to put this black sindur on Swara so she will be in my control. Everyone dances and celebrates.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I’m not enjoying this rather pathetic story,please give the Bhardwarj family a bit of peace and stability and security.

  2. Poor people,they’re suffering too much, Simarkar doesn’t deserve such bad luck and anxiety.

  3. Matarani doesn’t seem to be helpful to poor Simarkar.

  4. Prem is ssk hero ya. Anytime Maya mantra what’s going on

  5. i think mohini’s truth will not come out.. but simar finds prem and brings him back… we have to wait for rosim findout mohini truth… when it will out? track is not intresting…

  6. Tis maha episode is nice both serials together..

  7. after maha yudh episode total bw clan goes to there home.. premar amar mataji comes. mohini and uski maa returns to again bw house.. then now we see dayanmohini and rosim actions and amar mohii love… i think jaldi rosim ko patha chelte hai ki mohini and uska mother are dayan…
    what is the use of kunika in ssk her role is so small screen place she have… ?
    after mahayudh mohini reality will comes out.. i think first roli gets doubt on mohini then simar.. sanjali will tel har think so… and again she back on bw house.. full twists in ssk…

  8. Stop this serial

  9. mohini’s truth is not revealed… again she backs bw house and then after that amar mohini love story starts and they fixed marriage date.. at that time they come to know mohini is actual dayan… waiting to see when truth comes out..

  10. pratyusha opposite to alan in ssk;
    later she fall in love with amar but at the end her , true side as a witch will be shown.
    so now its there love story starts and she continues to trouble rosim.. atlast they findout she is witch.. amar ke saath uska marriage nahi hota.. eagerly waiting for mohini’s truth out..

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