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Sasural Simar Ka 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika says we still have time. You have to leave your body before 12 am. Someone walks in. Its amar. Simar recalls amar telling her that he went to devika’s place and found everything about her.
Amar says is everything ready? Simar says come in, without you this wont have been possible. Amar says I should thank and sorry devika. Whats the plan? Devika says you have be careful. When simar goes to patal lok, simar’s body will become statue. Whatever happens to her there, will be affected on her body here. You have to take care of the idol.

They starts the procedure. Devika gives simar something. she applies it in her eyes. Amar brings in four pots. devika says place them in four corners. The whole room is full of candle lights. Devika says simar sit down.

Amar says what are you we going to do? Devika says world is made of sand, water, air and fire. Fifth matter is sky with help of which simar’s soul will enter patal lok. Simar recalls her moments with prem.
Prem wakes up at night. Prem says why I feel worried about simar? I have to go and see simar. Roli sees prem going. She wonders where is he going at this hour? Prem says I am going to see simar. Roli says she must be asleep by now.

The pooja is on going. Simar is raised up in the air. Amar is dazed. Devika says simar stand up now. Simar stands up. Devika throws ganga jal on her. Simar’s soul comes out of her and her body turns into idol. Amar asks where is simar? devika says her soul is in front of me. She can’t touch anything and no one can see or hear her. simar says ask amar to take care of her family. devika conveys. Amar says don’t worry about this.

Roli and prem are coming towards devika’s house. They see lock on the gate. Prem says who is this possible? They should be in. Roli says lights are off too this means no one is home. Prem calls devika. She says we had to leave. Pandit ji called us and said we should leave asap.Prem says why you didn’t tell anyone. You should have said no to him. devika says he was insisiting this. Prem says still. Devika says we didn’t want to disturb you. Roli says this is too much. Simar tells devika that prem wants to talk to her. she holds simar’s hand. Simar says, devika says in her voice. Yes prem ji? Roli says why you had to leave? This is wrong. Simar says don’t worry he had to it was important. I can’t talk to anyone during this. Roli says you always do this. Come back soon. Simar says I will don’t worry. SImar goes out of house and sees prem and roli. Simar says your love is my strength. And because of this I won all the wars. I need your love for this. She touches his feet?

Precap-Sid says on call you have closed your travel agency? prem says this means they have not gone to Patra? Why they lied?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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