Sasural Simar Ka 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mataji comes in. Piyush and Roshni are dazed. Mataji says to Piyush go and sit in the car. He goes. Mataji says to Vadahi you remember I told you you are like a daughter to us, we really care for you. What happened with you was wrong. but what you are doing is wrong too. Piyush is Roshni’s husband and he decided that no one else. Things have changed and so should you and Piyush. Piyush doesn’t understand but at least you are wise. This is not right for you, him and all of us. I hope you will do whats right. Mataji leaves. KB comes out. Vadahi says I am here to ruin all the limits. Now in this fight I don’t care whatever happens. I don’t care.

Roshni asks Pari where is mataji? Pari says I don’t know. Roshni says I am really worried. Uma says

she is not a child. Pari says I am worried about Piyush more. He left before mataji. Uma says who knows if he would come back. Roshni says let me call. Mataji and Piyush come in. Roshni says where were you? Its your medicine time. I was so worried. Amar says she was so worried. Jhanvi says you didn’t tell. Mataji says things I am seeing in this age, I should have died before seeing that. Jhanvi says why are you saying that. Piyush goes upstairs. Mataji says stop. I am not done yet. What is this Piyush? You don’t care about dignity of your family? No man from our family has ever done this before. We were so ashamed in front of pandit ji. Thank God Roshni handled everything. I didn’t say anything there because that was not our house. What happened today shouldn’t ever happen again. You can’t insult your wife by meeting Vadahi. It hurts her. Go and apologize her. Roshni says its okay. Piyush says you keep your mouth shut. Mataji says you can’t talk to her like this. Apologize her. Piyush says I am sorry. He says Mataji you know I can’t say no to you. If you think because of me our family name is being hurt then I can apologize 100 times. I will listen to everything but just one. I can’t stop meeting Vadahi. I will go to her every time. She needs me. I will take her responsibility. I will take care of her. If you all think thats wrong I am sorry but I won’t change my decision. Neither for Roshni nor for anyone else. AMar says you can’t talk to mataji like that. Mataji says don’t say anything. I heard what I had to. Pari says enough. Now men in this house will have two women. Piyush says I won’t hear a word against Vadahi. Uma says we will say it the way it is.

Piyush is crying in his room. He says I am sorry mataji I know I have hurt you. But I can’t leave Vadahi alone. Roshni comes in. She says don’t be mad at others. Mataji was crying. Please talk to her once. He says just shut up. Don’t teach me. You are the reason of all these problems. You have only created problems in my life. You are responsible for all this. Don’t do this drama. You have provoked my family against me.

Vadahi calls him. He picks up and says yes Vadahi? Vadahi says I am very scared. What happened today you won’t come after that ever? Piyush says no one can stop me from meeting you. No one is more important than you in my life. Vadahi says I thought I lost you again. He says that won’t happen ever. I am always with you. She says thank you.

Scene 2
Vikram dresses Anjali wounds. She hugs him. Anjali says in heart I won anyway. Anjali says thank you so much. He says lets do breakfast. Anjali says I can’t step down. I will have breakfast here. He says I think I will do something. Vikram picks her up. He says thank you for everything you do for my family.
He comes downstairs. Saroj is angry. Vikram says tai ji there is a request. Please give anjali rest today. Her feet are not well yet. saroj says sure.

Precap-Vadahi gives something to Piyush and says give it to Vadahi. He says what is it? She says poison. He says what? Vadadhi says I dont want to be your stepny. If you love me you have to give me respect and your name. Or go away from me. He takes the poison and says I can’t live without you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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