Sasural Simar Ka 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid’s car breaks on the way. He says I should prem. His phone is dead as well. He says where is this smell coming from? He chases the smells and reaches the same house. That lady opens the gate. He says my battery is dead. I have to make.. She says come in. He says you live alone here? She says i like silence of here more than noise of people. I hear my heart better here. Come in. Sid walks in. She says you can make the call. Sid says thanks. Prem’s number is off. Sid tries other numbers all of them are off. Sid says everyone’s number is off. How is that possible? The lady comes with a tray. Sid says is this the smell that brought me here? She says please eat. He says this food is tempting but my wife has made food for me and she doesn’t eat without me.

She must be waiting for me. He says yes you should care about your wife. Sid nods. He sits down and eats the food.

Pari sneezes, mata ji says move your hands fast. Karuna says they haven’t even eaten anything. What happened to mata ji. Sattu says Suganda ji will talk to mata ji. Suganda says to mata ji, ask others to work as well. Do what you have to, otherwise.. Mata ji says enough chantu, Suganda says don’t be mad. Mata ji says this personal matter of my family. I know how to keep them in limits. If you favor them then I will break friendship with you. Mata ji says all the men will go and sleep. These women will keep working. If I see any of you up, I will double their punishment. Mata ji says karuna you will keep an eye on them. Or you will be punsihed as well. Khushi says why is mata ji doing this. Chantu says in heart its time to call them here.

Chantu calls the white lady and little bride in her room. She asks is everything going well? She says yes. But you remember the deal?she says yes. I should talk to the one who is helping simar. she reads a mantra. She hears a cry. She says why is she not coming? I have to force her here. The little bride appears. She falls in chantu’s feet. Chantu says you can’t run from me. Don’t forget that you are the doll and I have your key.

Simar says in heart its almost 12. I should put that bangle in temple. She says karyna chachi I am going to see sanju and anjali. Karuna says make sure mata ji doesn’t see you.
Chantu throttles the little bride. She says if you want to be free then stop helping simar. She has a doll in hand. SHe says if you tell simar anything about me I wont leave you. She says stand up. How dare you ask questions from me?
Simar comes to temple and says this is the safest and purest place is our house.
Chantu is about to harm little bride but her hand freezes suddenly. She says what happened? Why can’t I move my hand. This is that simar’s game. The white lady asks how?
Simar says guru maa said those souls will freeze at their place. I have to look in all rooms. I will find them today.

Precap-Simar starts checking rooms. She sees suganda’s room. She opens the door and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This show is competing to be the worst show ever. The main casts must be getting fat pay check for not leaving. I wonder what would happen when Avika leaves. Only Siddhant and Roli were worth watching. Now to see Sid romancing someone else is too bad itself.

  2. Guys i have a doubt in tamil ssk’s story line up is new(fake) roli’s entry and what happen to original roli

    1. She will come. Wait for sometime r else read feb2015 episodes…

  3. No everyone here acting are worth only .

  4. It was quite good today
    But everyone here are acting worthly not only rosid but premar rosim all are acting good only .

  5. Sid…he love his roli…gud that he always remember his queen who always waits for him…she is his love who always stands by his side…their bond is eternal…no ghost can break it…if the ghost needs a guy there r lot of people like prem to rajendar papa…well our sid is too handsome tat even ghost cant resist…but after avi replacement show will suffer…fingers crossed

  6. Sidharth look sooo ugly…replace him 1st…

  7. Sare dushman sirf bharadwaj pariwar k kyun hain?kya dusre ghar nai hai wahan?….variety of enemies daayan,nagin,patali n now bhoot…

  8. Writers I have a better ending for the serial… as bharadwaj family are well acquainted with chudel dhain nagins bhootnis babas n matas… so the serial ends with bharadwaj family staying with all of these happily as a family ever n ever… sasural simar aur sare bhooto bhootni nagin patali chudel daino ki

  9. Why do u want sidhant replaced

  10. Ye log pagal hain kya???…sab log itna bolte hai ki iss serial ko khatam karo par nahi drag kiye ja rahe hai…ye simar ka sasural hai ya bhoot bangla…drama show hai ya horror show…chiiiii

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