Sasural Simar Ka 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sid hugs roli, the song ‘hamdard’ play. They recall their memories. roli is in tears. fake roli watches them in anger.

Caledar has abducted jatin. Jatin says leave me. Calendar says i don’t wanna keep you as a guest here but we just want the story to reach the climax.

Fake roli says sid i.. Sid says don’t say a word i know your reality now. he unties the yellow thread and says this is the relationship of your so called love? Keep it to yourself. He throws it on her face. sid says she can’t harm me. I have her husband’s life in me. Sid points a gun at her and says no one will do anything. I thought you are roli, because of your hypnotize, because of you i couldn’t recognize our roli, none of us killed your husband, vikrant did. because

of you simar had to live in asylum, mata ji and sattu are on bed and mausi ji in jail. you made me base of all your sins. Fake roli says you can’ kill me with that gun, sid says but you forgot that i can kill myself with it. He points the gun on his own head. sid says no one will come forward. We can end this story from the root. I am the reason of it. roli says what are you doing? Sid says what i should have done long ago. prem says stop this. Simar says everything will be okay don’t do this, sid says we have to save our family. Amar burn her snake. take them home. Roli says i wont leave you here. sid says try to understand. Roli says i will die here with you. SHe points the gun on her own self.

Jatin says let me go, calendar faints him. door bell rings. its prem simar and amarr. Amar says we need that trunk we have to burn that snake. simar says i feel so worried. prem says we are doing it right. We have to burn that snake. it has already died. We have to take it home first and show them that she wasn’t roli. she was a snake.

prem simar and amar come to bhardwaj house. prem says amar and calendar stay here with trunk i and simar will go in. Simar says i am coming home after so long, this should have been a happy moment. prem says we have to tell them truth, simar says what will we tell them? her reality? or about roli. prem says this all happened with God’s consent he will show us the path. Prem rings the doorbell, They are shocked to see that fake roli opens the door. amar and calendar are dazed as well. amar says what is she doing here? what would have happened at the temple. We have to take the trunk out of here.
fake roli says didi you are back, just when i got to know jeju is bringing you home i told whole family. she asks everyone to come. Sujata welcomes simar. pari says why they brought her home? She even tried to kill her daughter. sujata says thank God you are well and back home. come in. simar hugs her and says in heart i am sorry maa, you had to suffer because of me. fake roli smiles at her and hugs her. she says come in didi. sujata says simar you are worried? simar says no nothing. prem says isn’t sid back? Sid comes and says prem i am here. simar and prem are shocked.

Precap-simar says after so much time, i can’t lost my sister again. please take me to my roli. she hears someone crying in the red door room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. O M G… wats happening…

  2. update fast

  3. once again, this story is becoming stupid!!!!!!!

  4. Oh shut again Sid forgot everything wats happening???

  5. Offo….shes set to create more ruckus..will bhardwaj family ever live happy moments..always misery follows one after the other..

  6. Simar : between prem and vikrant
    Prem : between simar and surabhi
    Sid : between roli and nagin
    Roli : between sid and ???????,

    All of the lead characters are caught between two members.
    So bored with these tracks.
    Pls stop this……

    1. Lol :D.. roli’s turn is over with veeru

    2. prem also cought between
      roli starting of ssk prem married roli.
      sid with naina,nagin,roli
      roli with sid, veeru,shourya,prem.
      all the lead characters are not only with two.three to four also
      simar is with prem,vikranth,and sid also

  7. Veeru and shaurya singhania

  8. naagin ne phir se sid ko hypnotize kiya…….. nd sid ko ghar le aaya….. are again kahani shuru.. sid hoga kiska roli or naagin.. war between roli and nagin for 15days.. after dat sid kiska hoga?

    1. 2nd march ko family will come to know her reality

  9. is roli inside the red door room
    omg what’s happening

    1. ya i think she is in red room fake is kidnaping her and kept roli in red room.. nw thk simar get clue.. simar did to fake wil unconsious and she ,prem amar tel truth to family and sid also i think….

  10. I can’t see any more nagin in roli’s place.l am so sad to see roli and simar in problems. I am waiting to see what happen in temple

  11. plzzzzzzzzzzz end up…..!
    we want see roli and sid together again plzzzzzz do it fast

  12. What is this amost thy end story and again bgins frm strtng how can they leave roli sid and snke alone and came fr that trunk….dragng…..

    1. what happen in temple with roli and sid?

  13. A such a osum serial …actually I’m tamilian …I was watching the remake of sasural simar ka in Tamil as moonru day I saw the sasural simar ka in color from tat day I was watching without missing ..this tellyupdates is very useful Bez I dnt knw Hindi this helps to knw Wat happen in current episode..I’m watching recap by mrng 11.aftnun ..3.30 & ngt 7.30 main episode…really this director has a osu& brilliant hats off to u ….simar & roli both & fake roli osum & love u all…such osum act of prem & Sid …even prem I love u lotsssssss & lotsssssssssssssssssss …Sid ur tooo handsome

    1. in recent tamil track simar looks sooooooooo beautiful….right…….

  14. Oh pls seriously sick of these people….how much u gonna drag? Again starting from Zero…..bull shit

  15. Omg sikirama nagin kadhayai mudinga pls it is too boring

  16. Nivema my husband also tamilian…my ma in law also.ysed to watch.though she dunno hindi..
    She also used to tell me this written ypdates is really useful:)

  17. I tbink she hypnotise sid or else sge shud hav threatned him in d name if roli….

  18. really happy to see rosid..but this nagin interpreted too much…cant see..nagin drama..i think…nagin kidnapped..roli..and sid is hypnotized and forgot every thing.
    simar save roil..and they challenge..nagin for 15 days..”who will win sid”
    then after some days sid get back his memory..and he will start .acting..with nagin to… front of family..

    i think..leela is alive..because she is friend of nagin cont..harm her..i think she is some where..she the end..of this nagin .support end nagin…leela know every thing about she as the solution to end nagin..

  19. Ya even am thinking of tat

  20. Wen is tat maha sangam???mar 2nd ah???

  21. Hi I’m also tamilian
    sid I love u yaar omg no words for u ur such. ….awesome

    1. Hey ashrutha its really Gud Wat u said

  22. Im watching ssk only for rosid moments
    I’m fan for their cute little fight (in starting)

  23. so much tamilans r watching tis serial la oh nice including me there r so much fans 4 tis serial sasural simar ka rocks but tis naagin story only too much long please reunite sid and roli we r eagerly waiting 4 tat rosid scences..naagin and sid chemistry is not nice..

  24. OMG!! I thought the whole naagin chapter would finish today but noooo!! The writers would just NOT have that would they??? -_-

    Ugh Sara khan’s smile at the end of the episode… I wanted to slap her!

  25. Oh..god…again tat nagin start the game??im also tamilian…daily. I watched from 1st episode…really love tis serial.

  26. Wow superb nice twist i c sasural thre lang starting i didnt c correctly so i am watching malayalam anad middle in tamil and latest in hindi.superb now it is going well.

    1. i am from andhrapradesh iam watching this serial in telugu.i was watching this serial because of avika

  27. I think amar nd prem wil get some ash from one sadhu ..tat wil help to uncontious to fake roli..some net sources indicating tis!!!!! Let see

  28. Am also frm tn. Love ssk

  29. Hi frndzzzzz…this s osum a Tamil girls use to c this …really nice la …

  30. It was interesting but u made it bad by the returning of fake roly how blaaaa real rollly want to come back this story is laging for months stop and end or make a new track plzzz beg u guys.

  31. Hey guys even i watch in Malayalam Tamil and Hindi even its going in Telugu but i dnt know Telugu

    1. I knw both Malayalam & telegu but here my cable operaters dnt get tat channels…ly asianet s broadcasting

  32. tis 15 days challenge roli will win and get sid soon..

  33. Its worst serial and testing our patiance day bay day by dragging so so so boring……….
    OMG pls correct the dirctor to watch interestely. how long this sodi will continue from last two months it is continuing. I think colors all serials are like this only dragging dragging & boring……OG

  34. Please update fast !

  35. Yh plzz update fast

  36. Yaa pl. Fast!

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