Sasural Simar Ka 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 27th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Khushi still unable to find a place to keep her suitcase, comes across mausiji who taunts her saying that since she is lwegally able to live in the house, hence she should call the lawyer only to find out which room to stay in. Uma and pari too join in the fun, much to khushi’s frustration. She is shown the same room to live in, where she had sent the bharadwaj family into, the servant quarters. Khushi is shocked to see this, but they tell her that she doesnt have a choice in doing this, as they would now instill the same torture on her as she did on simar and roli. As they have fun in their new sense of superiority, khushi is tensed at her situation.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and Bharadwaj house
Sid thinks

that everything would have been alright, if he hadnt committed adultery, which he gets reminded of everytime roli looks at him lovingly. He wonders what he would tell her when she finds the truth. He gets roli’s message, asking her to come out on the terrace, fast. He hopes that roli isnt in some kind of trouble again.

He immediately rushes home to find the roof romantically decorated, much to his surprise. He is pleasantly surprised to find roli beautifully dreesed in a wwhite sari, and approaching her. He is spellbound, and roli tells him that they are alone, as tonite is roli and sid’s night. Roli cuts the cake along with him, and they feed each other.

Roli, dances along with sid, to cheer him up, and get him out of his boredom and tries to get him to share along with her, what he is going through. As sid too gets emotional, he is brought back to reality, when he finds a call on his mobile, from naina and is surprised. He wonders why is she calling him now. She tries to ask who is it? He tries to avoid, but roli insists that he wouldnt have been so tensed if it was nothing, and that she feels that there’s something that he’s hiding. As sid tries to avoid her, roli says there’s something that he isnt able to share with him. he says that its nothing like that. She says that she can see very well in his shaking voice, and the beads of perspiration on his head, that he is hiding something very big from her. Roli breaks out into laughter, telling sid that she was playing a prank, and that she has the fullest faith that sid cant hide anything from her, as she has complete faith in him. Sid getsw overwhelmed hearing this. She tells sid that she had lost out on these romantic moments, and missed them very badly. And thats the reason their love has grown stronger. An emotional sid, tries to hug her as she lies in his arms, but cant thinking of that night.

Mausiji asks mataji to sit in the centre chair, as its been waiting for her. she gets emotional remembering their hard days. Mausiji says that they have been crying for too long, and that now they have got everything back, they shouldnt cry. Mataji says that seeing her whole family together after such a long time, she has tears of joy in her eyes, as she had thought that she had missed out on happiness in her life forever. Prem asks her to sit down. others too join her. Sujata asks about sid and roli. Uma offers to go and call them. But simar says that they have been alone after a long time, hence they shouldnt disturb her. Mausiji to agrees. As khushi tries to join them, both uma and pari say that they cant allow her to sit along with them, and that she should fend for themselves. Khushi is shocked at this. mausiji too asks her to leave her evil presence away from there. She is also told by simar that noone can disturb their happiness now. Sankalp too taunts her by asking karuna to start serving food to them. Khuishi leaves from there.

Sid again gets naina’s call, and is tensed. Roli too sees this and sid’s reaction. She asks sid to pick up the call as it might be something improtant. But he cancels it saying that nothing is more important than this moment. Roli says that if they keep getting this call, they wouldnt be able to talk intimately. Roli takes his phone, saying that she would find out herself who’s disturbing them in their romance. Much to sid’s horror and hope that naina doesnt say anything, roli talks to the caller, and expresses surprise hearing naina’s name when she introduces herself, after being addressed by roli many times, hesitatingly. Sid is tensed at this. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As the door bell rings, roli puts down the mobile, thinking that it must be sid. She excitedly goes on to open the main door. she is surprised when she finds naina on the other end.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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