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Sasural Simar Ka 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor says there is no such injury. It is not hurting her. Anjali says my foot hurts. Vikram says anjali fell from stairs. Anjali says is your degree fake? Tai ji has brought this doctor he is a liar. Saroj says yes anjali doctor is a liar babu lal bhai is a liar the only person who speaks truth is you. Anjali says she is still blaming me. Saroj says vikram do you still have questions? Anjali says why are you torturing me tai ji? You want to prove me wrong. Vikram says anjali we will get you check up from another doctor. Anjali says no no I am fine. Vikram says you rest. Sanjev says vikram what anjali is blaming saorj for is wrong. Tao ji says I didn’t want to slap you. I am sorry. Vikram says anjali needs rest. They all leave. Vikram says you rest I will bring you something

to eat.

Roshni says simar please ask him to forget vadahi. Simar says I think vadahi is right. Focus on work Prem. Prem says you will find her if you can. Roshni says to simar later, I am so mad at vadhai. She is hurting Piyush so much. He will be like he used to be I promise.

Scene 2
Saroj comes to anjali’s room and says lizard anjali gets up from bed and says where is lizard? Saroj says wow anjali you are a great actresses. It is impossible to hide truth. Anjali says I can’t share vikram with anyone. I played all those games. I separated you from him. Yes. I stole the necklace, then those bones, then hair in his food and now this oil too. She sits on bed and says vikram is in my control. He wont listen to you. Saroj says I regret getting you married to a girl like you. You don’t deserve to be his wife. Vikram comes in Anjali sees him. Saroj says I will get you out of this house. I separate you from vikram.
Anjai says tai ji I beg you don’t separate me from Vikram. What have I done? What is my mistake? Vikram comes in and says its not your mistake anjali. It’s clear whose mistake it is. Saroj says no vikram.. Vikram says no Tai ji. You know I didn’t believe in whatever happened in the house, I didn’t believe in it. The person who taught me how to walk how can she be wrong? What I heard and saw that doubt is changed into believe. Saroj says listen to me. vikram says I heard I called you my mom. he holds anjali’s hand and says she is my life. My everything. You tried to separate from her. You changed, you have stained a mother’s love. Vikram says you proved mother is only who gives you birth. You don’t deserve to be a mother that’s why God didn’t give you any kids. Please go from here tai ji before I say something else. Leave. Anjali smirks at saroj. Saroj leaves. Vikram is crying. Anjali says Vikram please calm down. I am here with you. Vikram says I am sorry. She hugs him.

Vikram comes to his room at night, he sees the phone ringing. Vikram picks it up. Kb says wow doll you played so well. You stole, you spill the milk and she was blamed. And Vikram doesn’t even doubt you. Just like this keep fooling Vikram and then at time ask Vikram to leave the house with you. Vikram is dazed. Vikram throws away the phone in anger. Anbjali wakes up and says what happened? He says you conspired all this? Tai ji was right about all this. This was all your game to lower her in my eyes. Vikram slaps her and says from now on you are not my wife and daughter in law of this house. He drags her downstairs. ANjali says please listen to me I am sorry. VIkram says it was all her conspiracies. I saw all the truth. Anjali says please forgive me vikram. Vikram says you can’t live in this house a moment more. Saroj says anjali I told you truth finds it way. Anjali says please tai ji forgive me. Please ask vikram not to do this. Anjali says vikram please forgive me. Saroj says don’t listen to her Vikram. Vikram says I won’t. She is dead for me. Vikram says she is dead for me. Vikram shoves her outside house. She cries no Vikram no please. Anjali shouts and wakes up crying. Vikram wakes up and says what happened? Anjali says you wont leave me? He says I am here. I think you saw a bad dream. SHe says yes really. He says what did you see? anjali says I saw that tai ji is trying to kill me. I am so scared. He says it was just a nightmare. You are scared. Trust me she won’t do that.
Anjali says I feel very scared. Vikram says don’t worry. I promise you I won’t let anything happen to you. I am here for you. He hugs her.

Precap-Women rights comission come to anjali’s house. They say that mother in law here tried to kill her daughter in law. They have police with them too. Police tries to arrest saroj.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I thought this only will happen. Urupata Mari than

    1. Enna pandrathu… tamil serial oru pakkam thale vali na, ithu athukkum mela… Pei pisasu poi ippo, Simar petha ratchasi aati padaikka vanthirukku. At first, Piyush naale family ku danger nu sonna, Anjali ippo at vera level. Khushi ya thukki pottu mithicha all is well….

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