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Sasural Simar Ka 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sujata says we can’t give up and if we fight together we will beat chandan maani. They see prem in story. He recalls simar.Chanda comes and says you are thinking about her? Prem says I feel like I have seen her before. Chand says you are not the only one. She shows him paper and says she fools rich men and run away with their money. Prem says I was fooled too. Next time I see her i will call police. Chand says forget her now and tell me when will we go out. He says actually I.. She says we don’t know each other. We should try at least. We have to live together.

Chand says so how was this chapter simar? Should i mix more spices? Simar says don’t drag prerna in this. I won’t seek her for help. Let her go. Prerna says impossible. Its too late. Its about

time I write the new chapter. She leaves.

Jhanvi’s letter comes home of pari. Pari reads I know your reality now. You wanted to kill mom for money. Shame on you. I am taking her away from everything. Pari says we are ruined. Sattu says what will we do now? Uma says don’t worry. Shalu says we lost all the money in gamble. Sattu says they will kill us. They can do anything. Shalu says they will kill us.
Anjali comes in. uma says we can do one thing, sell anajli. Everyone is shocked. Uma says it will bring a lot of money. Pari says very good. Sattu says excellent. Simar says what is she doing?How can she sell my daughter. What have you made them. They can’t even think of doing this with anjali. Why are you doing all this? You said you are positive then why. I made the mistake punish me but stop all this. Maani says I have written it and It can’t change. You have to go through all this.
Pari says to anjali you will go to boarding school. Pari says I won’t. pari says and you will live locked in this room. They lock her. Anjali says open the door I am scared. She is crying.

Chanda says see whats happening next. Two dia appear on her hands. She says simar these two are life of two people. I will blow one and you can save one. The person who is not saved will have to face my story. simar says who are they? She says be patient for now two people are at risk. simar says Simar says one is anjali who is other. Maani says see.
She shows sid. Simar says sid?
Sid sees orerna working. He goes after her. he stops her and say who are you? He is drunk. Prerna says are you drunk? He says yes. So what? You will drink too. She says I don’t drink. He says I don’t drink alone.She says stay away from me. I apologized you already. If you open mouth then just to study. He forces her to drink. simar says no sid you can’t do this. Prerna shoves him. He says you will be punished twice now. Prerna slaps him. Sid grasps her by hair. He says see what I do now. He takes her inside the room and shoves her on the bed.
Sid says now you won’t be able to see your own face. Simar says you can’t do this. Prerna says decide soon simar. Simar says don’t do all this please.
My child and woman’s dignity. I can’t choose one. Maani says I told you I won’t calm down.
Don’t waste time. Or I will blow both. Simar says please don’t. She covers both. Maani says then choose and tell me.

Precap-Prem is getting married. Chanda comes as a bride. Prem fills her hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. worst..worst….y cvs playing with sid life…they show his character so worst…they hurt rosidians..pls show our old sid….

  2. Mudiyala in chansramani ku paatila ye paravala pola iruka

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Yes yaar naanum athae than ninaikiraen.. Becoz intha show nalla ve illai.. But marriage is unlimited.. Now in rashmi show also!! I need to tell u one thing.. If roli is here then this show will be nice.

    2. ni solradu unmadan. apram inda prem ethana thadava kalyanam pannipan. first simanu nenachitu roliku thali kattuna apram simaku apram surabiku apram pathaliku ippo chadramaniku. innum ethana pera kalyanam pannuvano

  3. Make roli”s soul or Maya to help simar.she’s helpless

    1. Agree wid u

  4. Why u can do this guy’s it’s really too much don’t hurt Rosid fans plz come back avika if you back on ssk im sure it will be nice we miss u aviman as Rosid….this track is stupid plz stop this and we want aviman jodi in ssk

  5. Its useless to comment here or any other social platform. No one will listen to us. I would suggest to better not follow this show or any news concerning it. I knew sooner or later Sid’s character will become worst. He is not Roli’s Sid any more. Better watch Ek duje ke vaaste. Its awesome!

  6. the only thing rosidians get seeing ssk is pain…im fed up…just read the wu…even wen shoot happen I felt it wnt air…but now…I just dnt know wat to call cvs…**********************

  7. Disgusting…….??? i hate ssk fr god sake plz end this crap.??

  8. Enough I can’t bear this anymore plz make everything fine Reunion the cute family prem simar anju n sanju . Bring sid back to his senses. Don’t make our heroin, simar such helpless

  9. If prem can remember so remember so Mar somewhat role then why can’t Sid remember roli in fact sid loves roli a lot i hate ask now

  10. If prem can remember so remember so Mar somewhat role then why can’t Sid remember roli in fact sid loves roli a lot

    1. Becz they want to show lead actress mahanta….fr that they vl butcher any character…they don’t consider fan feelings..CVS r just spineless…even he much they get opposition they won’t bother…they show the crap they want…some tym I really laugh like hell..frm wr they get these idiotic thoughts…let’s simar fight ..every tym roli used to do all..simar used to take credit..thank god nw my roli is nt there..let simar fight with those dayans nagins n allians..n take credit debit wat ever u want…CVS u already destroyed prem char so many tyms..nw ur behind my sid…wat these bw sons did…y u always make them negative…idiots stupids…I just wanna kill those CVS…destroying my rosid pure luv 🙁

  11. If prem can remember simar somewhat .then why can’t Sid remember roli in fact sid loves roli a lot .i hate ssk.they are killing Rosid fans.this show is full of devils there is no need to bring love track.enemas impair pandrigallama…?

  12. Itz too much ssk cvz.. How can u ppl spoil such a nice character lyk diz??.. Rosid has so much of fans n u ppl dnt evn think of our feelings.. Hate ssk Nd it’s so cald cvz..

  13. A tho sasuraal simar ka kam bhoothun aur simar DEVI ka serial lagtha hi…title ek hai aur usska track aajab gajab….

  14. Lol….haaaaahaa…I agree with ahaana….bhootho aur simar devi ….hmmm nice comment…lol

  15. To change the track of the serial.
    It always run diane, shaitan, patali.
    It is very irritating of all fans.

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