Sasural Simar Ka 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sid is about to take off the veil from roli’s face when a woman says stop. You can’t take off the veil from her face. A man says take her to hospital. Aryan throws some currency there and says get her treated in a good hospital. A man says he is rich spoil bratt. One says let me call cops. Sid comes to him and takes the phone. He is about to take out his dagger, Girjesh comes and says i apologize on his behalf. And get this woman treated in a good hospital. They place roli in his car, girjesh asks sid to sit in the car.

prem says who is she simar? uma says no more drama.. The woman takes off the veil. She says my name is saira bano, i was about to faint when she helped me so i came to thank her. i feel really bad to see that you treat her his way, she is such a

nice woman. Uma says you could have shown your face before. She says i don’t show my face to strangers. prem says stop it bhabhi. I am really sorry sister. Uma says but prem.. prem says enough. Prem goes in. pari says to simar you saved yourself but next time we will find the game you are playing. Calendar says to the thank you for saving us on last time. he gives her the money. amar says simar sid is coming here anytime. I know you are worried for prem, i will protect prem. we wont let them be against each other. Simar says they have always been each others strength. calendar says i think i should go roli must be waiting to for me. sid comes in his car. Whole bharadwaj house comes out to welcome him. Rajhinder opens his door and says come in son. prem is completely taken aback to see him. rajhinder says i grateful to you. Mausi ji says we wotn ever forget your favor. Prem’s eyes get wet when aryan walks past him. He recalls spending time with sid. Sid extends his hand and says aryan. prem shakes his hand and says prem bharadwaj. Aryan recalls rajveer ordering him. Prem says we are grateful for what you are doing, aryan.. he says sid.. you can call me sid. Until maa.. i mean aunty is okay i will stay here as sid, prem nods. Prem says come in, sid says yes Mr. Prem. Prem says you can call me prem. Girjesh asks sid what to do with this woman. sid says to family out car hit a woman on the road, she is not that hurt but she is faint. Mata ji says she must have some bruises inside. Bring her in we will call our doctor. Mata ji asks amar and calendar to bring the girl in. Calendar wonders is she is roli. he takes off the veil and is shocked to see that its roli. He whispers in amar’s ear that its roli. sid asyas any problem? calendar says no. sid comes to the car and takes her out. simar tells mata ji that its roli.

Pari says to uma she is the same woman saira i think. we must have fainted again and i got hit by aryan’s car. Aryan enters the house with roli in his arms. roli opens her eyes and says in heart sid is taking me home himself and i cant even come in front of the family. He places her on the sofa. Mata ji says amar and calendar take her to guest room, simar says i will go with them as well. amar and calendar pick her up and take her to guest room. Mata ji asks uma and pari to get the lunch ready. Jhanvi says i should do her first aid treatment. Mata ji says no doctor will check her up, call doctor and ask her to come. prem says to sid, lets go to maa.

Girjesh tells everything to rajveer. Rajveeer says he has won hearts there? i am so glad. Maya gives him a drink, he says you have brought it on right time. My plan’s first part is successful, prem’s life countdown has started. He drinks it and says sid is in bharadwaj house, he will kill prem as soon as he get a chance. He alighs and suddenly faints. maya smiles. Maya says now i will find my ‘mani’ and put an end to this game. She recalls she drank the drink, she said even if you took my mani still i can faint you.Maya says looks for key in his pockets, she looks everywhere. She rummages in the room. She cant find the key. she sits on sofa in distress and says where could he place it. rajveer comes with a glass, maya is shocked to see him.

Precap-rajveer says i have concealed it somewhere, that you can never reach it. He takes off her shirt and its in his chest. Pari sees roli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Fast…

  2. So cute love it how sid carries his roli in heart tehy will be more rosid scenes hopefully soon xx

  3. colors channel is showing new serial.i think ssk will end on next month

    1. waiting fr its end

  4. Wat noooooo I dnt want ask to end

  5. Oh noooooooo……i dnt want ssk to end

  6. It might be balika vadhu????

  7. bv z faaaar better dan ssk… so plz end ssk…..

  8. It’s already clear that ssk will end with rosid and premar’s union. So, it will definitely end this month. This rajveer will be the last hurdle in their lives.

  9. How can the mani be in his chest? How will maya retrieve it? I think prem will die after being stabbed by sid and maya after getting the mani will use it to make him alive.

  10. All my condolences to the nepalese people who are distraught after the major shock and aftershocks of the Himalayan tragedy. I ask all of you to pray for our brothers and sisters of Nepal as well as India to get over their irreparable loss. Amen.

  11. It’s revealed in a spoiler that rajveer has got the mani fitted in his chest through an operation. Then how will maya get it back?

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