Sasural Simar Ka 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhairavi gets evil powers to fight with divine powers

Sasural Simar Ka 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mata ji praising shera’s voice and tells that they couldn’t know when morning came as they were so immersed listening to bhajan. Just then sudden wind comes and electricity is on and off. Sameer asks Sanjana to close the doors. They ask Roshni where she went. Roshni says they went to Mata’s jagrata along with simar. Piyush asks her to atleast message him. Bhairavi thinks how can this happen. Shera tells that Bhairavi accused Simar unneccesarily. Mata ji Bhairavi’s condition is worsening since Baba came. Simar thinks Baba’s treatment is done and now it is Bhairavi’s turn. In room, Piyush tells Roshni that she never went anywhere without informing him. Roshni asks if he was scared thinking she had elope. Piyush says no and tells that she is his breath and life.

They hug each other. Pari come there and asks Roshni to have something. She asks about the jagrata.

Roshni says it was good, everyone was immersed in Bhakti. Mata Rani comes to Bhairavi’s room and tells that she has killed Mahesh. She asks her to accept that she has killed Simar, tried to kill the family too. Bhairavi accepts to have killed Simar and says I hate her. Shera records the confession. Mata Rani says she will show the proofs to family. Roshni says I know why you are doing this. She says I will take you to jagrata next time. Pari thinks it seems she went to jagrata surely.

Mata Rani calls everyone to hall to show video footage.The video don’t play.Bhairavi says some virus must have attacked the video. She tells Mata Rani that even now she has some strength. Bhairavi shows some mala and says you gave this to baba Mahesh. She finds the mala there and says now you can’t snatch the powers, as your powers is in my captivity. Whatever Mahesh can’t do, I can do anything and teases simar. Shera says how dare she to tease you. Bhairavi ties the mala around her hand and asks her not to try to snatch it and tells that she will do maha yagya, will make her weak with the powers and will kill Simar and her family. She laughs.

Later in the night, she does black puja and makes Mahesh’s idol, seeks black powers devil to give her Mahesh’s powers. Shera comes there and tries to throw something on her, but she is protected by devil powers. He goes. She opens her eyes and laughs and applies ashes on her forehead.

Bhairavi comes home and tells Simar that she will kill her and her family and will reply with goodness with her evil powers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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