Sasural Simar Ka 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram arrives with his family outside Bharadwaj house. His father is on wheelchair. His taya says to tai why are you making cry face? She says I am not. He says I know you. he says you are happy because vikram is getting married and on the other hand, you are sad that his love would be divided. Agarwal says it won’t happen. She says Vikram isn’t my own son but you know I love him so much. Agawal says you know how wise our Vikram is. Please smile now. Lets go in. Vikram puts his father’s feet on wheelchair. He says no your hands would get dirtyy.. Vikam says I can clean them later.

Piyush is going out. Prem says they are here. Prem says oh they are here. They all welcome Vikram and his family. Piyush says hello I am Anjali.. Prem says come in please. KB

says sit please I will if Anajli is ready or not. Prem introduces everyone. Mataji says this is my grandson and Anajli’s brother Piyush. Vikram and Piyush shake hands. Piyush says I had to go to my office I will see you all later. Prem welcomes them in.
Simar says you look so good anjali. I want to know why you said yes for the marriage? KB says I will tell you. KB says she knows what is right for her and what is wrong. In the list of wrong your is the first name. We all know you have lied to all of us. and please stop it. Its my doll’s big day i don’t want to argue with you. Anjali says how I look KB? KB says you look like moon. Your in laws are downstairs. Anjali says lets go. Simar says what should I do.. I have to talk to them.

Amanr says you are right. Agarwal says he is my son but tao ji and tai ji decide things for him. KB says to anjali he is so handsome. He is ticket of your freedom. Anjali comes. Prem says she is here. Anjali meets everyone. Saroj says is that anjali’s mom. Mataji says no simar is her mom. She is just anajli’s aunt. Saroj says anjali I am Vikram’s tai. You know nothing is more important than Vikram to us. KB says anjali is my life. I mean we all love her. Tao ji says anjali please sit with us. Anjali says if you don’t mind may I talk to vikram in private? Tao says sure its okay. Prem when they have to live together its very important for them to know each other. VIkram and anjali go to balcony. Simar says to saroj can I talk to you alone? Its important. Saroj says sure.

Anjali says it would happen when two people don’t understand each other. I want to clear you everything. My freedom is so important for me. I saw your FB and realized you like partying.. He says I like travelling. She says I knew you are happy go lucky like me.
Vikram’s tai says irresponsible? Simar says she has been raised here with a lot of perk so she is a little happy go lucky. I don’t want hide anything from you. When a girl gets married her in laws have some expectations.. Saroj says yes we all expect. Simar says but anjali is a little different. She never had to work in this house and responsibilities she doesn’t understand them. KB overhears and says she is ruining my plan. Simr says now when she has decided to get married she has to understand. Marriage isn’t between individuals it is between two families, a new relation should only start with truth and trust. That is why I am telling you this so you dont have any complains. Saroj says I am glad you talked openly. Simar says my anjali is different.
Anjali says to Vikram ask me anything you want? He says you have told me all the stories since childhood? Anjali says are you decent or angry young man or acting to impress me. Chill yaar.
prem says agarwal what you decided? He says we.. Saroj says we will go home and decide and let you know on phone. Everyone is dazed. Is that right? Prem says yes as you want. We should leave now. They see them off.

Scene 2
Prem says why they said that? KB comes to Prem and says Simar was talking so rubbish to Saroj. She was speaking ill on anjali. I felt so bad. SHe said anjali is immature and outspoken. SHe doesn’t know about life and is stubborn. Tell me does someone says that? Would they say yes for anjali now? Prem goes in and says to simar what did you say to saroj? I am asking something. Simar says relation can’t start on lies. i told her truth. Prem says why don’t you want anjali to get married? I never saw a mother who killed her daughter’s happiness. Simar says how dare you say that? what do you want to prove? I don’t care for my kids? they are my pride. Forgot how I left everything for my child. And I came back here just for my daughter. If I didn’t care about them I won’t have come to this place ever again. Especially when I am insulted here everyday. Before saying anything know whom are you saying it for.

Vikram takes that bride with him. She screams where are you taking me? Simar and jhanvi are in car, they drive past Vikram’s car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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