Sasural Simar Ka 26th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 26th October 2013 Written Update

Everyone asks Mausiji what happened. Mausiji says they invited Sonia for dinner. Roli asks she said no, right? Mausiji says no, without asking you, I said yes. Roli says how is it possible because today its karva chauth and they can’t give this excuse to Meghna to cancel dinner as she thinks Sonia is unmarried and can break her fast anywhere.. even at her house. Mausji says we will just call and say that we have got an important meeting so can’t go for dinner. Simar and Roli are not sure about it. Mausji says things like this happen with big people.. they get work any time and they have to cancel other things like dinner. Mausji says it will work in their advantage as this will prove to Meghna that they are also busy with work. Mausiji tries to call Meghna’s PA,

Atul, but his number is unreachable. Roli and Simar are called on terrace for Karva Chauth rituals. Mausiji says she will handle everything and send everyone to get themselves ready.

Meghna guides a cook to prepare dinner well for tonight as a special guest, Sonia Oberoi is coming who is very important for their business. She then asks her PA, Atul to call and ask Sonia’s secretary when they are coming. Atul tries to call, but there is no network. Other side, Mausiji is trying to call as well. Atul goes outside to call. Mausiji receives a call, but she can’t talk as Mataji comes there. Mataji takes Mausiji with her saying some surprise.

All Bharadwaj bahus do Karva Chauth rituals. Pari is anxiously waiting for moon to come out. Shelu teases her by giving her a candy bar, but Pari refuses to take it. This makes Shelu very happy and he is confident that Pari won’t break mataji’s trust. For Mataji, all their bahus are her pride.

Sid is looking in the sky. Roli goes to him and asks he cant stay hungry? sid says he is looking in the sky for moon because he can’t wait to ask for his wish. Roli says i know what your wish is.. that Roli and Sid always stay together. Sid brings a thaal and asks her if she wants to see moon. Roli says yes. Sid shows her face to her and says she is moon for him. They share a romantic moment.

Moon finally comes out. All bahus do rituals together and all guys stand behind them. Janvi is hiding and watching them. She also does rituals on a side seeing other bahus. All bahus look at their husbands, while Janvi looks at Sourya’s photo. She cries remembering her marriage and everything that Sourya did to her after that.

Atul informs Meghna that no one is picking up call. Meghna asks him, can’t you arrange one dinner appointment? Atul says if she is behaving like this from now.. then how she will behave later? He suggests Meghna that she should change her decision to do business with Sonia.

Back to Bharadwaj house, Mataji prays the Goddess to keep all couples together like this forever. Mausiji comes to Mataji and asks her if she can drink water. Mausiji breaks her fast by herself. All husbands make their wives drink water and break their fast. Mausji then tells all bahus to break their husbands’ fastng too as they all did fast too. Bahus feed their husbands. While Janvi is busy with breaking her fast, Sourya’s photo flies and Sid notices it, but he can’t see whose photo is that as its upside down. He goes to look at it, and is shocked to see Janvi doing Karva chauth rituals and breaking the fast. He takes Janvi’s name and everyone goes to see what happened. Sid asks Janvi what she was doing. All Bharadwajs are shocked! Prem asks her for whom she kept the Karva Chauth fast. Janvi is quiet. Mausiji sees Sourya’s photo and quietly picks it up and hides it. Sid tells Janvi, we are your brothers.. so it’s our right to know for whom you’re doing all this. Now Sujata asks same question to Janvi. Episode ends on Janvi’s face.

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Update Credit to: Shreya

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