Sasural Simar Ka 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baba says in fours years I got this night to do the pooja and you ruined it. Now you people want me to help you. Mataji says please help us baba. We need our roli back, if you dont then we wont see her. He says I let you come in. Go from here. He asks his men to take them out. Simar says you have to help us. If you can’t help human’s then whats the point of these pooja. If there is a bit of truth in your pooja you will help me. If you don’t help me today this is all useless. Prem says lets go simar. Simar says baba you have to help us. Prem says there is no point of staying here. Baba says wait. I have seen truth in your eyes. The way you have requested for your sister’s comeback. I should help you people in bringing her back. Sid says thank you so much,

if you help then we will surely find her. MAtaji says we will be grateful to you for a lifetime. He says we have to make an idol of roli. So we can put roli’s life in it and bring her back. This is a very risky procedure. If this is ruined you will lose all the hope of her come back. Mataji says we will do as you ask. Just bring her back. He says you have to bring her idol on time. And keep in mind this pooja can happen only tomorrow. If it doesn’t happen tomorrow you will have to wait for 4 years.

They all come out. Prem calls sankalp if there is an idol maker. They need one urgently. Sankalp says let me talk to them. Sid also tries his contacts. Everyone demands time. Sid says who will do this in a few hours. Amar says we have to do something.
Mataji says where is simar?
Simar is looking for devika. Simar says where has she gone? She recalls saying you will find me around when you need me.Simar says who will make her idol now.

Mataji says sid go please look for simar. They are all looking for simar. They see her in the market. Mataji says what are you doing here? simar says i was looking for devika. she told me she can make idols. but no has seen her. she is gone maybe. Who will help us now. Prem calls different people. Simar says where are you devika? Devika comes and says you called me? Simar is dazed. simar says they said you left. she says i did but I came back. Tell me how can i help you? Simar says how you know i need your help. Devika says you dont have much time. simar says my sister’s life is in danger. We are here,Baba wants her idol and before tomorrow morning. We need it. Devika says I will make it don’t worry. Simar heaves a sigh of relief.

Prem and sid are trying their contacts. Sid says there must be someone who can do this. Simar says yes devika can. Devika comes as well. Simar says she is ready to help us. Mataji says can you do this in such a short span of time? Amar says how can you do this so fast? Devika says I have said i will try my best rest is upto God. mataji says thank you for helping us. This means a lot. Mataji says I think devika should have a chance.
Devika says lets go and start it.

Precap-Baba says my patience is dying. This pooja will end if the idol doesn’t reach in five minutes. Simar says in heart what to do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why no update for yesterday

  2. nice epi..i think roli will be back tomorrow

  3. this week roli vl cum r nt?

  4. ssk: roli returns to bw family in colors ssk:
    the loyal viewers of ssk are soon going to witness sisterly love in the series.. once again.
    yes, roli, who was cursed by the daayan, will be freed from the evil spell we hear.
    a source shared, “simar, who has been fighting with the evil power for long time, will now meet devika, who will help her to find roli. both of them will meet an aghori baba, who will inform them that he will need to do a special pooja early in the morning, where he will need roli’s clay idol to perform the ritual. and if the puja is not completed in the given time, then it will be hard to find roli for next 4 years”.
    and devika will agree to make roli’s idol along with simar. and after many hurdles when they finally reach the venue, agohri baba will start the puja. but, even after repeated attempts of the tantrik, they will not be able to revive roli. only when, simar and devika will start praying to matarani, roli will come back to life.
    happy moments for the sisters, we say.
    post the incident , roli and simar will return to bharadwaj house and will also bring devika.
    and till the time the bharadwaj family enjoys some blissful reunion moments, let us go and hunt for the next update for you all..

  5. Will roli come back or not..?? Why are they dragging this much…

  6. hey..if devika z a dayan…den hw can she entered into d temple?

  7. Means roli will come or not?? am confused

  8. she will be back in tomorw episode if not satday we will see rosid reunion……… just chill guys we wait for they come back 3 months be patience and wait for her 1-2 days.. she will back..

  9. Will roli cme or not????waiting for her

  10. Thanq u soooo much sandya….for gud news…..and i heard devika is Maha dayaan….then how she can enter temple hw is it possible???

    1. yeah..!.same doubt for me…akshu
      n did indrawatho die in past…wat wud may hpnd aftr d maha dayan’s entrance????!!

  11. Roli will be back .thank u so much sandhya so happy

  12. I saw new promo..ssk n sr maha episode. Wat is this yar..roli is returning know..y they r nt including roli nw…stupid cvs..nw dont say avika is nt giving in telugu paper article came on avika..inthat she told she wont leave serials .she vk balance both movies n serials…bt cvs r nt giving rosid..i hate them

  13. I need ROLI back now been tooooo looonnnngggg
    Hopefully dis wait will b worth it and we get ROSID back

  14. pls cme back roli …..

  15. sasural chudailo ka there is no reality

  16. I want rosid reunion. pls come back roli. and need rosim also together.
    Pls come back roli soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnn.

  17. it okay… guys..

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