Sasural Simar Ka 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Previous part in Thapki pyar ki’s update.

Dadi says on call have you reached? Sanjay has gone to station to pick you up. Thapki says dadi maa is someone coming? Dadi maa says yes they are very special guests to us. Vasundhara says yes go and handle the kitchen. Dadi says please bihaan go and bring stuff. Bihaan says who is coming? Vasundhara says you will know later. And ask thapki if she needs something for cooking? He says you need something? she says I will call you if I need something. They look at each other. Vasundhara says come we have to work.

Baalika Vadhu:
Nandani says please sir listen to me its nothing like that. He says what is Krish to you? Krish is overhearing. Krish says in heart Nandani tell him what I mean to you. She says

I didn’t expect this from you. He say I know and that is why I am asking you because you won’t lie. I wanted to name the relation between us that is why I signed divorce papers. I want to give you my name by marrying you. She says marriage? Love.. I never thought about all this. Always want to accomplish maa’s dream. He says we can accomplish that dream together. If it is that important to you i will do anything. Will you marry me? Krish says please say. She goes in krish hides.

Because of spray Simar(bee) falls down. Fake simar comes in. Mata ji says there are so many insects in our house. Uma.. uma says mata ji. Worker says no bee would come in this house.
Mata ji says uma pari clean it. Pari says yes. Maani says there were so many bees in the house. Where is that one.. She picks simar(bee) up. She says you ruined my sleeps. Now die. Now see I will burn you. She says there are no sticks in the matchbox. She puts simar(bee) inside the box and says finished.

Badki says shradda come out. Where are you? She looks everywhere and says that shraddha is not here. She says snake snake.. Shraddha comes out and says where is it.. Badki says there is no snake here. I said that so you come out yourself.
Babu ji is waiting for you. She gives her ramayan. Shraddha says I was coming myself. Badki says guests are coming. Shraddha says what guests? She says you will know. Come follow me.
Thapki asks maa who is coming? Vasundhara says see when they come.
The guests come in.. Thapki is surprised. Vasundhara hugs them.
Dadi says I am seeing you after so long. Vasundhara says can’t even imagine so many years have passed. A young fashionable girl comes in and says how about me? Dadi says you have grown up. She says you have become more cute.
Vasundhara says she came from abroad but still touching feet. Vasundhara says this is savitri ji more like a sister to me. Thapki touches her feet. She says this is savitri’s daughter sheena. Sheena hugs her and says Vasundhara talks so much about you. i will be exactly like you. Vasundhara sits down. How was your journey? Sheena says where is he hidden? Bihaan? Vasundhara says she used to look for bihaan all the time. Dadi says she used to play all the time with him. Sheena says where is he? Bihaan comes in with all the stuff. He says savitri aunty you.. Sheena says I am here too. He says sheena you grew up so old.. They hug. Thapki is surprised.

Maani throws the matchbox out of the house. Simar(bee) comes out of temple. She was hidden there. Maani has thrown some other bee outside. Simar recalls when she hid there in the temple. Simar says I know you will always help me God. My family is in trouble. Please show me a way to become simar again. Maani and that woman would ruin the family. They are trying to kill prerna. You have to help me out.

Next part in Balika Vadhu’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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