Sasural Simar Ka 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya comes in front of roli. She takes the trishun from her and throws it away. Maya throttles roli and simar. sid says leave them. Maya says they come in our way every time. I will end the entity. Sid says now what i am going to do, you will be responsible for it. He takes the trishun and stabs himself. Everyone is bewildered. Maya leaves roli and is in a shock. roli runs to sid, sid says its end of the story maya.
Sid can’t breathe. Roli puts his head in her lap. The breathing halts. roli says this can’t happen. She starts crying hard. Everyone is in a shock.

The candle blows in temple, sujata tries to light it but she can’t. Strong winds start to blow. she lights it somehow. They all start praying. Mata ji says i dont know what it is but please protect our children. sankalp calls prem. Prem is too shocked to pick his call.

Roli says sid i wont let anything happen to you. she takes out the trishun from her body. simar tries to handle roli. sid checks his nerve and says he is alive. We have to take him to hospital.prem gets a call from sujata. Sujata asks where is sid? Prem says maa.. he tells her everything. Sujata is shocked and in tears, everyone ask her what did prem say? Sujata is out of words. She faints.

Simar slaps maya repeatedly. She says why are you quite now? you took sid’s life why are you quite? you are responsible for this and you will never find peace on this planet.

They take sid to hospital. Doctor says who stabbed him? roli says he did it himself. doctor says its a police case. Prem says save his life. Simar says we will complete the formalities. Doctor says okay we will start treatment but if you don’t inform police we wil halt treatment.
Doctors are operating sid, but suddenly his heart beat stops. The fame at temple blows again. roli is praying in hospital. Doctor comes out of operation theater. amar asks what happened? doctor says i am sorry. we tried our best but we couldn’t save him. they are all in shock,

Precap-roli sees sid’s dead body in be-wilderness.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. sonydcurz

    ohoo what the crap anyways this is sasural simar ka in this they can kill characters as many times and can bring back.

  2. s

    cant see roli crying for sid…. i was very difficult to see sid dieng and roli crying……. and its not ssk.. twist and turns… so sid back with maya new twist…. hope fully fingers crossed sid back to roli soon and rosid back….

  3. ss

    is it really end of rosid with sid dead???? … manish said dat wit sid dead rosid end……. is it correct..??? der is no rosid in future ah??? is rosid back or not?? tel me any one…

  4. Rosid

    Wen dis nagin track will going to end… am fed of watching dis nagin track.. wat if tat naag has bitten simar instead of sid.. will nagin has seen her naag in simar ah… wat a bullshit track yar.. seriously its not watchable to see sid wit nagin.. plz unite rosid soon n bring there romance back.. if the same track continues then am going to stp watching ssk 🙁 🙁

  5. Rosid

    They hurting rosid fans.. plz stp dis nagin track or end dis serial.. no more patience to watch dis bakwaas track… gud bye ssk

  6. chathupoya rosid

    pleseeeee stop this serial we can’t never see roli crying iniyum veruppikkathe onnu nirthamo ee foolish drama njanglkku valareyadikam ishtamayirumm ee serial but ippo orupad orupad veruthu plessssssssss stop writerodu njangalkku oru chodhyam chodhikkanundu enthaaaaaaaado manushya ithu maanathu nokkiyano ningal katha ezhuthunnathu ithu ariyillengil valla koolippanikkum poykoodee get lost ithu njangalude special words anu nigalkku vendi mathram ezhuthiyathu. ini ningal ethengilum serial irakkiyittundengil ningale njangal vettikollum

  7. Diya

    Hate ssk… Plsss stop dis serial… Else kill rosid but don’t separate them… Chathupoya rosid I loved ur cmnt… Really funny

  8. sss

    plz ssk cvs.. its a humble request dat plz dont show evil is more powerful than matarani’s power… and mothers love……and dont do this…. its humble request…… plz stop dis nagin drama…..

  9. ruby

    I think sid will come alive. That nagin will make him alive well shes got the she will do anything to have sid back. And take revenge.letz wait n see wotz next.itz gettin boring for me.

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