Sasural Simar Ka 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 26th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Karuna syas why you wanna steal the happiness of my son. You both have to apologize sonia and says her that you misunderstood. She is the real sonia and that is the truth. Mausi ji says be quiet karuna listen to her once. Roli starts telling from the beginning. The way she used left hand and they way she always supported Khushi. When someone called her and said that she will kill sonia. Simar says do you still think this is wrong ? SAnkalp says yes bhabhi you are wrong. He comes with sonia. He syas I don’t agree to you. Karuna says he is right do you both have any proof. Khushi says my own family has stood against me. I thought I will get a familt that will support me. I thought I will be the daughter of this house. No one trusted me. A place where no one trusts me

I can’t live there. Sankalp says yes she os right we will leave this house. Sid says are you mad ? Simar says don’t be hasty. Karuna syas you both won’t go any where. Karuna syas this is what you both wanted ? Speak up simar and Roli. SAnkalp says lets go sonia. Sid says he won’t go any where. Sankalp says the lday I promised to care about, I can’t leave her. Tell me what would you do if you were at my place. Sid says but she is not the one. Sankalp says I won’t say anything because I know you only care about roli bhabhi. SAnkalp says to mata ji I am the youngest one in this house and I ahve learned to stand with truth from you all. He holds Khushi’s hand and says I know sonia is right and I will be with her no matter what. He is about to leave. Karuna runs after her. Simar says stop sankalp. SHe says okay what I said can’t be trusted but please give us a little time to prove. W can do that for this family. Karuna says I can’t live without you Sankalp. He says okay if you don’t prove by tomorrow then no one could be able to stop us.
Khushi thinks I have to do this. Khushi says you have hurt me sankalp by giving them time. You proved that you trust them more. He says I have done this for my family. so no one can challenge our decision. How can they prove you wrong when you are not. He goes out to get some pooja stuff. KAruna swiped Khushi’s tears. She says pardon me I know you care. Karuna says if you leave the you will prove them right.

scene 2
Khushi goes to her room and locks it. She takes the mask off. I will teach them whom they have messes up with.

Scene 3
Sid says this is nit only about the fake sonia. We have ti save our family. We can’t do this until we don’t find real sonia. Khushi calls roli and says what you thought that you will safe. This time I will attack your sonia. The real one. Sid says use your brain we will do the same with your fake sonia. Roli says why you did this ? He says she would have done it before of she wanted to.

scene 4
Uma gives mata ji tea. SHe looks upset. Sujata says you are not well. The environment is not good. It would be better if we do the festival at home. Verma aunty comes in and says we have started all the arrangments for the pooja. You have to come on time. Karuna says Roli and simar did this to hurt sonia. Tell me how can we blame her for all this without doing anything. Mata ji says this is the time of test for all of you. We will celebrate the pooja.

Scene 5
The four wonder how can they reach sonia. Simar sats the number plate of that ca was hr-32. Sid says so this mean that it was not of dehli. She says there was a sticker of a car market. Sid and prem leave with these details.
Khushi says I ahve play safe by tonight.

Precap-Khushi is in her room and she sees the mask. She says you could only do this if you get this extra mask. ROli and simar sudenly nter the room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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