Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says you won’t do any such thing Simar. Simar says don’t say that please try to understand. Prem says what if you don’t become mom after all this pain? If you respect me you won’t do this. Simar says Prem please.. He goes upstairs. Baba says I think i should go. He leaves.
Simar comes to Prem. She says you don’t understand. He says you are perfect for me. I thank God for you and anajli Sanju every moment. Simar says I am grateful too. I have two daughters. but still I am incomplete. A woman is complete when she becomes a daughter, a wife and a mom. You have to understand it. I want to feel it. I want to carry my child in my womb. So I can feel his heartbeat. The first time he moves, I want to feel it. All these feelings I want to live them.

I have one chance please don’t say no. prerna comes in and says please come with me see what Kamiya is doing we have to stop.
They see Kamiya walking on nails with baba reading the mantra. Mataji says stop Simar. Simar says why is she doing this? I had to do this. Mataji says she is doing this for you. Simar says how is that possible.
Baba tells them that Kamiya decided to do this for Simar. Simar says I have to stop her.. Baba says if you stop her it will all go in vain. Prem says why didn’t you all stop her.
Kamiya gets done. Her feet are bleeding. Jhanvi says bring her in room. Kamiya says I am fine. Mataji says what you have done for simar we can’t ever repay this. Kamiya says I just want to see Simar and Prem happy. Baba gives simar parsad. Simar takes the parsad.

Simar puts medicine on Kamiya’s feet. Simar says you shouldn’t have done this. Why you risked your life. Kamiya says it was not difficult and it was important. prem says it was not important. We have two daughters. We dont’ need anything else. If simar has not given birth to them doesn’t mean they are less important. Kamiya says every woman wants to experience what being a mom is like. Dont waste this chance. Karuna says maybe she is right simar.

Pari and Khushi come to Prerna. Khushi says you were talking about tent. Prerna says we are not getting tent in 10k. Khushi says I will get it arrange. Prerna says won’t it be down quality. Pari says don’t worry about quality. Prernma says thank you so much thats awesome. She leaves.
Khushi says we get tent in 3k from chandni chowk. Pari says 5k in our pockets. Pari says but its rainy season. Khushi says it wont’ rain don’t worry. Pari says I will go to spa.

Baba is with mahmaya in front of devil and other witches. Mahmaya says you didn’t do good. Baba says what I did with them was bad. Mahmaya laughs. Baba laughs too. Baba says all the steps are taken. Now everything is in right direction. The witches do their dance. Mahmaya says nothing can stop arrival of kaal. Kaal has to be born from simar’s womb.

Precap-kamiya says to Sattu everything is arranged. Mata ji and sattu smile. Prem and simar come to a hotel room all decorated for them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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