Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says to simar why have you not pardoned prem? if you dont forgive him it will kill your relationship. simar says you can forgive the one who has done commit a mistake, prem has done a sin, I can’t forgive him ever. she cries. mata ji hugs her.
Aarav comes and says mata ji are you bugged? wont we play with anjali. wont we live together. anjali says we want to live together.
mata ji goes out. pari says please forgive us, uma says the same. she says for our kids please pardon us, we can’t take them from this family. khushi says please dont punish our kids.
Mata ji says because of you i wont punish the kids. Sattu says we wont give you reason again, shallu yes we will always stand with the family. mata ji recalls simar sayin that prem has done a sin,

for which she can’t pardon him. Prem comes in, simar says mata ji i am going to call roli and tell her that everything is fine here. Mata ji says tell them that we are fine. prem says in heart i will win your trust simar, i am sorry.

Shikhar says she is dead, give me that maani. Roli says i can’t it belongs to someone, we have to return it to her. Sid says we wont misuse it. Shikhar says i know you wont misuse it, so i am giving you the permission, If i get to know that you are using it, i will come back to take it. Roli says to sid what are you thinking? Sid says i am thinking about rajeshwari’s thing. Shikhar says only she knew it and she is dead now, well its gone. you dont have to worry about the case, let me see you off. They go out of the house.

Simar recalls rajveer saying your relationship has lost. Prem calls her, he says dont hang up. I know you dont wanna talk to me but listen to me one last time. simar says last time? he says yes i am waiting at the cliff for you if you dot come i will jump off. Simar stands up in shock. she hears stones cracking, she says prem ji no dont do this. I am coming right now. Prem says i am sorry i forced you to come here this way, but i had no other option i know you cant hate me. You cant see me in trouble i will ask pardon for last time. I will promise you i wont be the reason of your tears again because i love you. he screams i love you simar, simar comes there. She looks at him.he says i knew you would come. please give me one chance, simar steps back. Prem says please simar this will kill me. i would be better if i kill myself, i cant live this way. simar says you have already make mistakes, you are doing another one. prem says i am just asking for forgiveness. she says how many times do i have to pardon you? tell me how many times do i have to do this? simar says i kept forgiving you, but you never did. Even if it was my mistake or not, you never forgave me. Do you remember when sunaina captivated my body, i kept telling you but you didn’t listen to me, you shoved me away. sunaina forced vikrant to fill my hairline, you punished me for vikrant’s mistake. I accepted all your punishments. You took me to the court, you want a divorce. And you asked me to take off my wedding locket, you said that you don’t want any relationship with me. Everytime i forgave you thinking that you dont know the truth. but today i dont have that reason i know rajveer and mausi ji forced us but we were trying. i know your intentions were not wrong but you put me on bet. It was your duty to protect me, you sacrificed this relationship.
Simar says you sold out this relationship, you must be thinking that you should have won it, none of it would matter. but you used me to win this, that is what matters. we have won everything but you might bet on me again. prem says no, simar says i dont wanna live my life with a man like that, i dont know if i will ever forgive you. I dont see a way from here. but yes for our kids i will take this burden, i wont let anyone know what is truth of this relationship. maya and mata ji know the reality. Now you think how will you face them. dont ask forgiveness again. Even if i do it wont be by my heart. She says i cant give you what you want. I have no trust in this relationship.

Precap-Prem says simar dont leave me i love you. I wont be able to live simar walks away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. fast update atibaaa

  2. I think rajkumari dint die……she will kidnap Sanjana and anjali

  3. Thank u atiba…

  4. wow….deepika samson (simar) is participating in jalak dikhhlaja

    1) SNS

  6. Now this is rajkumaris track i dont think that her charace

    1. Character will end so soon

  7. guyzz ssk bcms boring yaar they t still dragging rv track ?

  8. is really rajkumari character ends ah?? i think she will not dead…. what you think guys?

  9. ssk spoiler:
    sanjana gets kidnapped and mata ji is unable to get hold of anything. prem is trying to help out and simar blames him for everything . prem ends ties with her, shocking the family. prem is hurt by simar’s words and calls her to ask her to meet for the final time. he stands at the end of the cliff and wants to end his life. simar gets shock and rushes to meet prem.

  10. mataji anjali and sanjana nirvan scene is cute.. supre lovely scene…

  11. pari and uma ,kushi are acting i think.. they will do other things.. i think for kids and property they asking forgiveness to mataji..

  12. No yaar it would be rajkumari because her keemthi cheese abi taak keesi kae samnae nahi aaya na……so i think she will be behind tis……and at same time Maya will return back her naagmani. And as usual entire bw family wil stand together and fight…..

  13. i think Uma pari n khushi were quite happy. Bcz after long time writter has given few dialogues in dis serial.

  14. uma.pari nd khushi ka drama shuru ho gaya….dey ll never change

  15. Gud simar! Donn forgive prem….he deserves this……stupid!!!

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