Sasural Simar Ka 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pandit ji is preparing for havan. Samir says prepare for it well. Mataji says what is all this? He says today is my dad’s death annivarsary. I have invited all neighbors as well. Pandit ji says your wife will sit with you. Anjali says I will be ready in five minutes. Samir says sanju go get ready as well. you will sit with me too. Samir says what is this. SAnju says of course. Simar says how can you do this sanju.. Samir says she will sit with me. Sanju says yes I will. Simar says she wont. Sanju says I have decided. Anjalli says I married samir first so I will sit with him. Mataji says if neigbors get to know we will be so insulted. Don’t do this sanju. Sanju says i have to get ready. \Pari says we will be so insulted when they get to know our two daughters married the

same guy.

Mataji comes to anajli and begs her to let sannju sit in havan. Anjali says okay then kneel down and beg me pardon. For all the injustice you have done with me. Simar overhears all this. She says bow down on your knees. Simar says how dare you anajli. Anjali go from here. Matjai saays let it be simar its about our family’s dignity. We don’t have another option. Mataji touches her feet and kneels down. She says please pardon us. Anjali says count all injustice you have done and ask for pardon. Simar is crying. Mataji begs her pardon. Anjali says okay go I won’t come.

Havan starts. Sanju comes downstairs. Samir saays wait a minute my second wife is not here yet. All the neighbors are dazed. ANajli comes downstairs. Simar and mataji are dazed. All the neighbors are making fun of them. Samir says they are both my wives. The havan starts. Mataji and simar are cryin. A man is seeing all this on tv. He is enjoying seeing simar crying.

After havan everyone is upset. Simar says sanju why are you doing all this. it is really hurting us. But I know you are helpless. You are not doing this with your will. Sanju says I am doing this for all of you. I can’t tell you yet you all will know. Trust me. SAmir overhears this.
SAmir stops her later. He says you think you are so smart that you will give your mom clue and I won’t know. She says I am sorry. He says you have to a prize for it. sanju is cryong. She says ma sorry I have to do this.

Anjali is with all the guests. Sanju comes downstairs and breaks anjali’s mangalsutra. Anjalu saays how dare. Anjali shoves her. Sanju says how dare you shove me. They both beat each other. Simar syas what are you doing. she stops them. Mataji says have somme respect for the guests. What is wrong with you both. Sanju is crying. She says mataji please don’t interfere I won’t leave hit. she attacks anajli again. Simar stops and slaps her. Siamr faints. Piysuh and arav hold her.

Scene 2
At night, roshni sees shadow. She goes after it. Ananiya comes and says what happened? Roshni says did you come here to meet someone? Ananiay says I came to talk on call. Roshni says you came to meet someone. Don’t dare doing anything against our family again. Ananiya says you are stupid. She goes to her room.
Ananiya comes and tells arav. Roshni alerts piyush.

Sanju is looking for her mangalsutra. Samir says anjali stole it. Call police. SAnju says what. He says yes.. Call police. Tell them that she stole your mangalsutra. He dials the number.

Precap-sanju calls police station and complaints against anjali. Police says to inspector I have complained against this anajli. She stole muy mangalsutra. They check anajli’s closet and find it. Anjali says I don’t know how it came here. Police takes anjali with them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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