Sasural Simar Ka 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Piyush elopes and reaches Avni’s house

Sasural Simar Ka 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush asking Simar about Avni. Simar says she went to bring new toys for you and asks him to sleep for now. Piyush says pinky promise. Simar promises him and sings lori. Piyush sleeps. Avni talks to her boyfriend and says I miss you more and asks when he will meet her. Hema comes and asks her not to talk to street guy. She asks her to concentrate on the guy who is coming to see her. Avni says she is not interested in marriage. Hema asks her to marry, take jewellery and then give divorce. Avni says if we are caught and then will be jailed. Hema says I will make you lakhpati. Avni agrees to do as she says and asks her to come and do make up.

Piyush wakes up and thinks this aunty is stupid and thought I am sleeping. He tries to open the lock. Simar wakes up and asks

him not to go. She asks him to sleep. Piyush hits vase on her head and says I need my Avni. Simar tries to stop him, and calls his name. Piyush says I want to go to my Avni. Simar calls everyone and tells that Piyush ran away. She asks Prem to go and bring him.

The guy comes to see Avni and likes her. Hema says they are not rich, but have good looking girl. The woman says she brought shagun also and will do roka. She takes out diamond ring and necklace. The guy makes her wear ring. Hema gets happy. Avni is also happy.

Bhairavi makes lemon chilli necklace and places in Sanjana’s neck. Sanjana says she don’t want to wear this. Bhairavi says she is doing this for her. Sanjana goes. Bhairavi thinks she has to handle her and wants her heir. Hema thanks the woman Rukmini. Her smile vanishes seeing Piyush coming there. Piyush comes there and hugs Avni. Rukmini and her son are shocked. Piyush says I waited for you and when you don’t come, then I eloped from home. He says I was searching your house and finally came here seeing the temple. Avni smiles. Guy asks who is this man? Piyush asks who is this uncle and asks if there is any birthday. He smears cake on the guy’s face and says happy birthday. He tells Avni that uncle is looking joker. Guy runs behind Piyush to throw cake, but Piyush bends and laughs. Rukmini asks who is this mad guy? Hema asks her to calm down. Guy says this guy is her lover. Rukmini breaks the alliance. They take the ring. Hema gets angry. Piyush have the samosa etc kept there. Avni thinks Mannu is gone now.

Simar asks Prem if Inspector Verma find anything about Piyush. Prem says no. Hema comes to their house with Avni and Piyush. Piyush hides behind Avni. Simar asks where did you go? Hema asks why didn’t you keep your son safe and has ruined all our planning. Prem asks why he will do this. Mata ji asks her to tell clearly. Hema tells that her daughter got an alliance from rich family, but Piyush entered like storm and broken the alliance. Mata ji apologizes to her. Hema says they will not agree now. Simar thinks Piyush is attached to Avni now. Hema calculates the expenses and says she suffered loss of 50000. Prem says I have 30000 for now and asks her to keep it for now. Hema gets hiccups. Prem says I will give you rest of money. Simar thinks my son has gone far away from me.

Piyush threatens to jump from balcony if Avni goes, and says I will die if I don’t get Avni. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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