Sasural Simar Ka 26th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 26th January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 26th January 2013 Written Update

Simar is praying to God that let the plan succeed so we can get rid of khushi. Rajendra blown the shank!! and mataji is doing pooja. Khushi is saying this bardhwaj parivvaar…god knows what they eat and do pooja that their pooja never finishes. AARREEE HO!!! stop this cheap bhakti and look at this shandaar pooja. so much charity. she says kasam se…as long as i dont hurt bhardwaj parivaar how can my pooja complete. and pandit comes to khushi and says the mahurat of pooja has started shall we start daan thing. and khushi says panditji..where is mahurat going…i m waiting for someone. let them come and pooja will start. and veeru comes and looks mad at khushi and walks away..snd khushi says veeru listen today we have makarsankarati pooja in the house…where are u going? u r not going to sit in the pooja and veeru says why? u didnt get anyone to disrespect that u r calling me. when i have no respect in the house and no one trusts me why should i live here. and khushi stops him and says listen veeru…u still havent forgotten those papers…u are my jaan. Who else am i going to trust. Come show me where i need to sign. and veeru says come sit and sign here. and khushi is signing the papers…and lots of kids come in and she stops. and khushi says all this kids came but the bhardwaj parivaar not here yet…and veeru says sign it..but kids are making so much noise that khushi gets fustrated and she gives the papers back to him and says BE QUIET!!! and she says to veeru dont be mad but i will sign later.

The bhardwaj parivaar comes out and is planning on going to terrace and watch the kites in the sky. khushi says panditji..start pooja…the daan mahurat should not go away…and all family is watching. and khushi says comes kids u are going to get lot of stuff today. and khushi says panditji u are going to get a lot of dashina that no one has given u. afterall i m the owner of bhardjwaj house…i can do that much. MAtaji says come we will all go to the terrace. and mataji says come…and then they stop seeing anjali coming down and all smile seeing her. and mataji recalls every year we use to give all kids clothes kites and sweets and we can not give our own child anything. Anjali’s 1st sankarat and she is not with her family. and masi says we can see celebrate with anjali from far away. and they all go to the terrace. and khushi is giving kites to all kids and kids call khushi aunty and khushi gets mad. and khushi tells veeru to take the kids to the terrace and veeru thinks as long as the kids are here khushi is not going to sign thr papers…so i have to take them. and khushi is thinking i feel like throwing these kids out but seeing these kids will make the family feel bad…in their eyes tears…i want to see all that so i have to bear the kids.

the family is on the terrace and pari is saying it is decorated so nicely…we use to also celebrate like this..and uma says but today we can only stand far awya and watch…just then the kids come and all smile and then khushi comes with anjali..and all give her blessing from far away. khushi sees this and is happy. and gives anjali a pinch of sweet. and says anjali is lucky she is celebrating with khushi and not that cheap family . and she tells the servant to keep anjali with her and she doesnt want to see any poor ppl shadow on anjali. khushi says kids fly the kites are they are expensive but only to win. roli signals veeru for papers but veeru says no they are no signed. one of the kids was not able to fly the kite and khushi helps the kid. all family watching her…masi says only kids can fly the kites not a dancer…majatji says stop it as khushi unintentionally is helping the kid. and once again the family recalls the past again.

roli thinking this veeru keeps on looking at khushi but not getting the sign. and veeru thinks…billo keep on getting happy but as soon as u sign…then u can do all this out of this house. and khushi is taunting the family to leave the terrace and do work. and all leave. roli goes to veeru on pretext of wking and says khushi is busy flying kites go get the papers signed.

veeru leaves…but roli thinks where is veeru going…khushi is here. and she tells her concern to masi and simar. veeru comes with his bag…and they see…all puzzled. he says billo..i came here to say bye to u. and khushi masi and simar shocked. and khushi also shocked. Veeru says its enuff now .. i cant get disrespected more…i m leaving for ever. khushi says whats wrong. and veeru says nothing..just to sign one paper u made me roam around u like a mad man. i m going..bye. and khushi snatches the paper and a pen and syas i will sign now. and she starts signing it. and all are smiling. then she hands the papers to veeru and says now happy..i have signed the papers…now come we will fly kites. and veeru says u fly it i will keep my luggage. and khushi leaves. and veeru says billo signing these papers…i m in charge now. i m the owner of everything. and masi simar and roli smile and hug each other. masi and roli compliment each other. masi says we will go and tell everyone everything downstairs. and simar stops them…and says the property is in veeru’s name not khushi…so we cant tell them anything…so u have to do this natak a little more. now khushi will be out of this house. this is our first success towards winning. Now only veeru is left. and roli says veeru is looking for me i have to go. and veeru comes to roli and turns her around…and roli says how dare u misbehave with me..and veeru says this is not misbehaviour but love.

look at this from today all this property and everything is mine…see i got everythign…now come to me. and roli looks at him and says i must say u r something…i m very happy. veeru still bringing our relationship in front of everyone their is time. and veeru says meaning. and roli says property is urs. khushi signed the papers…means no one can come in between us but i want to take revenge from khushi. and veeru says then u have double happiness and my next step is to throw billo out of this house NOW. and roli smiles. roli says wait..not so fast. we will throw her out..but not like her style. and veeru says how.

pooja going on downstairs…and family watching from far. pandit praises khushi for organizing everything very well. khuhsi taunts the family again. and khushi is giving toys to the kids. the servant puts anjali in the crib. khushi is annoyed with the kids. mataji is upset that anjali is alone in the crib. and she wants to take anjali in her lap and give her blessing and masi says u said it and it will happen. Masi leaves to get anjali. masi says panditji…and all family thinking whats going on. andpandit goes to masi and says u forgot to bless anjali as it is her 1st makarsankarati. and khushi sees them. and khushi calls pandit and says whats the matter what was she saying. and pandit says everyone got the ashirwad but not this little child…i was making a mistake and khushi looks angrily at the family and says u r right panditji and i also do not differentiate in anyone…all points to the family and says all these ppl are the servants in my house and still i have given them a place to live in my house and the family is very upset at this. this is my child. u gave me blessing so the child got the blessing. and pandit says u r right but the child is in front of us so i will put tilak on her and give her the blessing. and khushi is mad. pandit goes and puts tilak on anjali and gives her blessing and family is happy. khushi mad. khushi says panditji u should go to other places too…and pandit leaves. then khushi goes to the family and says i have told u ppl so many times not to come in my way. and for anjali i know what is right and wrong for her. dont show ur smartness to me…or else i…and mataji cuts her and says come lets all go inside and khushi mad…and shouts…one min…stop. and all turn around…and she says saala…such daring that u cut my talk.. i think u forgot that i m feeding u guys…and ur little anjali is with me…so no over smartness with me…or i iwll throw u ppl out of this house.

veeru says roli..why do u need to do all this and why should i throw billo out of the house in front of bhardwaj parivaar. why? veru says listeing to u i think u still care for them and maybe thats why u have put the 2nd condition on me too. tell me roli what is all this. and roli is u r wrong. this family hates me and i dont care…but i want to revenge khushi and put her down. how khushi in front of everyone insulted me and threw me out. now its my turn…i m not going to let her walk away. what are u looking at. i fulfilled ur promise and u still dont trust me? veeru says [email protected]? if i didnt trust u .. i wouldnt have done this. i can understand ur pain. ok. we will do per ur wish. veeru goes near roli and roli says dont forget we are in the house and veeru backs off. saying yes. OUR HOUSE!!! and veeru leaves. roli thinks getting the property back is my first step…now u watch how i take everything away from u.

precap – khushi shouting…this bhardwaj house is mine…and veeru says YES…but from today ur everything all this is MINE.!! and roli smiles.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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