Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhairavi reveals her conspiracy to Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi’s goons tying Simar and Sanjana to the chair. Bhairavi tells Simar that she has made arrangements to ruin her family and I have planted seed to ruin you all. Simar says you can’t harm us infront of mata rani. Bhairavi asks don’t you get fed up of hearing mata rani and saying it. Simar says Mata rani’s existence can’t be vanished. Bhairavi says I want to ruin you all slowly and says you have given shelter to them by pleading infront of them. Simar asks what nonsense. Bhairavi says one is Avni and other is her Maa. Simar says Avni and Hema. Mata ji asks Prem to call Bhairavi and ask her.

Piyush comes there and tells that he wants to marry Avni today itself. Prem says what you saying. Piyush says if I don’t marry her then God will get

upset with me. Mata ji asks who told you this. Hema comes and says marriage will happen today itself. Bhairavi laughs and says this conspiracy started when Piyush went missing, I gave them money to search Piyush, and then they got place in your house. She says you have ruined your son by fixing his marriage to Avni.

Simar says Bhairavi. Bhairavi asks her to see what is happening in the house. Hema tells Prem and others that she saw a dream and if Avni don’t marry piyush then she will become widow. Pari says how can you say because of dream. Mata ji says we have to do arrangements. Prem says Simar is not here. Hema says she has called pandit ji and will do all the arrangements. Piyush insists to marry her today itself. Prem agrees. Mata ji says Simar is not here. Prem says she will come. Bhairavi laughs and says Avni will become owner of the house, and it means I will rule on you all. She goes. Simar tells Sanjana that they have to escape from there.

Avni tells Rahul that they have no option and have to elope today itself. She says I care for Piyush, but loves you and will marry you. Rahul asks her to relax and asks her to do packing, they will elope before the wedding. Avni goes. Rahul calls someone (Bhairavi). Simar tells Sanjana that they shall reach the glass bottle somehow and cut rope with it. They try to move their chair. Sanjana’s chair slips. She manages to free her hands. Simar asks her to open the rope before goons come. Sanjana opens her hands. Simar and Sanjana see the window and get out from there.

Mata ji asks Pandit ji if he needs anything. Pandit ji says no. Pari asks where is Simar? Mata ji says she will come. Prem says Simar and Sanjana are not picking the call. Hema tells Mata ji that she will check Avni. Mata ji prays to Mata Rani. Hema asks Avni to get ready and asks if she is waiting for any mahurat. Avni says I can’t marry him and asks why did you betray me. Hema says this is sarkar’s orders and asks her to get ready. She says today Sarkar will come and asks her not to do any mistake. Avni waits for Rahul’s message. She replies that she is coming out. She picks her luggage and goes out. Simar and Sanjana come out of house.

Simar asks her to sit in the car. They see the car punctured and run. Avni comes to Rahul and hugs him. She says we will go far from here, and make our new world where there will be no Maa or Sarkaar. Rahul handcuffs her. Avni asks what you are doing? Bhairavi comes and says he is doing what I asked him to do. Avni is shocked to see Bhairavi and gets hurt by Rahul’s betrayal. She says you have betrayed me for her. Rahul smiles. Bhairavi says you are betraying me, not him. She asks Rahul to take Avni and make her sit in mandap. Avni cries. Bhairavi says marriage will happen today.

Simar and Sanjana are coming there. When Bhairavi, Prem and Hema hit rod on their heads and make them unconscious. Piyush and Avni exchange garlands. Bhairavi thinks they will be ruined.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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