Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar comes with fire to save simar and roli. The snake converts into fake roli. She is shocked to find amar there. She says you died in that accident? oh it was my mistake. I should have stayed there till you took your last breath. This is because of my mistake that you three are standing here. I should have killed roli. simar sits in her feet and says i beg you don’t do this, roli says what are you doing? simar says i am talking. simar says we can’t fight with you take your trunk and leave our family forever. fake roli says okay didi if you say i will leave your family. but i have a condition? Simar says what condition? She says i want sid along with the trunk. They are all shocked. roli says i wont let that happen, even if takes my life. Fake roli says if you can give your life

i can take anyone’s life for sid. Simar says what have we done to you? why are you doing this? Fake roli says you took my husband from me. simar says you must have misunderstanding, we never killed anyone. She says i know you didn’t do it deliberately but truth is that you killed my husband. that small accident changed my life. I have been dealt with injustice. My whole life changed after that. she sits crying there. Prem and sid arrive at temple. They hear her crying. Prem says lets go up. When they reach, sid says prem what is simar doing here? and amar and shurti? they were dead. why is roli crying in front of them? Fake roli says just like i am a snake.. sid is shocked to hear that. She says my husband was a snake as well. you all killed him . They are all shocked.
She says the snake vikrant brought that bite sid was my husband. He is dead now. simar recalls seeing the dead snake in that trunk.

Fake roli says a snake prays years to become human like. Me and my husband were praying for the same thing in dharam pooara. one day leela saved my life that day i started trusting humans. i became human in front of her. she became my pal, she knew my reality and told me what vikrant was doing to you and women there. we were weak so we couldn’t help you. When sid was crossing jungle he faced my husband but my husband didn’t kill me.

She says that days when that snake bit sid, he realized that he has bitten an innocent person so he sucked back his venom from sid. He risked his life for sid. You thought everything was fine after that. but a few people know that if a snake sucks his venom back it dies. My husband died and gave his life to sid. I see my husband in sid. I can’t leave him at any cause. I know you all are not resposible for it. that is why i didn’t kill roli i just manipulated her memory and gave her shurti’s name and became roli myself and started living in bharadwaj house. Sid and everyone is shocked. She says after that i don’t know how this shutri came here and i then i did what i never wanted to. I don’t like to give you pain. That day i never wanted to ask you to jump. but i did this take you away from roli. otherwise you could have made a plan to separated me and sid. Sid recalls how he said every time that she is jumki not roli. How he shoved her out of house. sid says what have i done? I couldn’t recognize my roli. She recognized me even after losing her memory. He recalls how she hugged her. He says i kept denying that she is my roli. Simar says what about roli’s accident and her face? FAke roli says her face never changed. i hypnotized everyone and removed their memory. I have started making sid part of my life after binding that yellow thread. I need that trunk for it. It has my husband’s corpse. please give me my husband my husband’s body back.

Simar says whatever happened was an accident, why are you seeking revenge from us? you are doing wrong with sid as well. Fake roli says now you are making me angry. people who try to keep me away from sid, i treat them with worse. you know about vashnavi? she got to now my reality. We have some rules. We don’t kill anyone without a reason. I have been living with your family like its mine. how can i harm anyone there, you know mata ji and sattu are responsible for their condition. I can get them okay, give me my trunk and sid. Roli says i wont let that happen because he is my husband. Fake roli says didi i am talking to you. give me sid and sent this shurti away from here. Sid says roli.. everyone is shocked. Fake roli is dazed to see sid and prem there. she says in heart i hope he has not listened to me. roli says in heart i wish he has listened. and he recognizes his roli. Sid starts moving towards her. Fake roli is shocked. Sid goes to real roli.

Precap-sid says i wont leave you i will kill you. she says the pistol can’t kill me. Sid says your forgot that it can kill me? He points the pistol on his head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Update soon….oosm episode tudy

  2. tragic..
    so sad ichadari lost her love..

    but she cnt do the same with anothr women knw guys..

    this track is going to end some how…

    wats next track…..

  3. Kudos to today’s episode……..her game is over

  4. Wow i enjoyed todays episode at last Sid come to know d truth

  5. Wow finally a nice episode

  6. Yeah..awesome…
    She gave answers to all the secrets today….
    Bt mataji and sattu is yet to be cured…she cant be thrown out dat easily

  7. 2day’s episode is somehow nice
    How can this fake roli cry for someone’s husband?

  8. wow today episode was really good I hope this drama will be end soon.

  9. Totally unexpected!how come the writer allowed sid to listen everything.anyways good..they dint drag this time….

  10. Expected story when fake roli turned into snake….

    Poor and pity that Naagin Lost her love….:'(

    but she cant do this..

  11. grt!!! sid cme to know truth… dint xpct dat…

  12. PHEW!! Finally the most awaited episode came… Yes the nagin’s story is tragic and I do feel pity for her, but that doesn’t mean she can just come along and snatch someone else’s husband! That’s plain disgusting -.-

    The precap looks intense o.o

  13. Thnk goodness

  14. lekin next segmnt sid supports naagin… y? sid ko tho suchpata chali gayi na… ye drama 15days ka chalenge in next seg kya hai? any one can tel me plz………

  15. Its a nice episode what would happens next……..

  16. Sasural Simar Ka:
    The fake Roli’s aka Nagin revelation and why she is after Simar, Sid and her family is revealed. The Nagin spoke on how her husband (a snake) died after sucking back the venom from Sid. Thus, she sees her husband in Sid and wants him and also the trunk having the corpse of her husband (snake). The fake Roli played with Shruti’s memory but now Simar got all details. Shruti also got back her memory and knows she is Roli. Sid comes to know of Nagin’s truth and informs her on choosing his wife – real Roli and even threatens to take his life. This leads to a triangular tussle with Simar-Roli- Fake Roli. Fake Roli and Roli compete for Sid and they come up with a challenge of 15 days in getting him. The one losing the bet has to leave permanently from Bhardwaj’s family. The fake Roli is going to entice Siddhant romantically with some dance. However, Shruti aka Roli will generate the sound (Been) to distract the fake Roli – Nagin. With such efforts, Roli would try to put some roadblocks for fake Roli’s attempts to win Siddhant. Who is giving to win this tussle centered on 15 day challenge – Nagin or Roli ?

  17. good episode

  18. when end this serial?

  19. Haha this is funny competing for dear husband

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