Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
The whole family is shocked at sid’s reply of being unable to put the mangalsutra around roli’s neck. Mataji asks him what does he mean by that. Sid says that this thread is too pure, and for doing this, they would have to find a lucky muhurat and proper rituals. Mataji says that today’s day is the luckiest in their life, as they have got everything back, and that he can without a doubt put it around roli, and that she would pray thta their marital life is very smooth. Sid hopes that this be true. Mausiji too says that roli has waited very torturously for this moment, overcoming her waves of sadness, and that he shouldnt delay it any longer. On sujata’s approval too, sid puts it around roli, sending the whole family into waves

of happiness. They all bless the couple. simar too says that they wont let khushi spoil their happiness anymore. mausiji too says that she did finally fuilfill the promise that she had given to roli, and places her hand in his. roli thinks that she wishes that they never seperate ever, not even for a minute. sid says that he doesnt know if he would ever be able to forgive himself for his infidelity, but knows that he loves her dearly and cant live without her at all.

Meanwhile in her room, khushi is enjoying her entry into the house yet again. she goes on to rest, thinking that later she would decide what is to be done about them. Sankalp comes in saying that he has decides what he has to do with her. He says that the concern has brought her here, and that nowhere do the legal papers say that she has to stay in his room, just that she has to stay in the house. She says that she wont go anywhere. Seeing her defiance, he starts taking out her clothes from the almirah, despite her protests, and packs her suitcase, and throwing it out of the house, says that she should never ever think of coming into his room. As she goes out to take care of her suitcase, sankalp slams the door at her face. Khushi thinks that once she gets to take care of her suitcase, she would teach sankalp too a lesson.

Roli is walking in a trance, while sid takes her by the hand, into their room, while she reminisces her earlier romantic moments with him. She says that since their misunderstanding are over, and getting into a mischievous mood, says that he should take her in a special style in the room, and reminds sid when he did the same with her, and taking her in his arms and throwing her on the bed and they having a good laugh at it. sid is happy at the remembrance. Roli tries to hold sid’s hand lovingly, but he flinches at the touch remembering about naina again, at which she is perplexed. Sid leaves in haste citing an urgetnt work in the office, while roli keeps calling out to him in confusion.

Uma stops khushi from entering into her room, and asks her to leave. She enters into another room, but before she can get too comfortable, she is thrown out from there too by pari, who asks whats this crap doing in her room, saying that this room belongs to her, and everything happens according to her and shows her the way out. Khushi storms out in indignation while pari is happy. Khushi crosses mataji reading the holy book to herself, and tensed walks past her room.

Simar is playing along with anjali. Roli, at the door, remembers sid’s strange behaviour. Simar sees roli and asks her to come inside. She thanks roli for what she did for them, and that fact that she’s with her child now. But roli is tensed in her own world. Seeing her tensed face, simar asks whats the matter. roli tries to avoid talking about it. Simar cajoles her into talking out her tension. Roli tells her about sid’s strange behaviour, and him being lost somewhere. She says that she had thought everything would be back to the way it was, but even after clarifying everything that hasnt happened. Simar advises sid to be patient, as even if that was a drama for her, it was reality for him, and that he was deeply affected by it, as she has witnessed herself. Roli says that she knows that unintentionally she has hurt him deeply, but now that she’s trying to, sid is not letting her do the same.

Simar comforts roli, who is tensed that she knows that roli loves sid very much, and she has the fullest faith that nothing would happen to their relation, she just has to make sure that she takes extra care of sid from now on. Roli thinks that simar is right and that she would have to heed to her sister’s advise. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Roli, dancing along with sid, and tries to get him to share along with her, what he is going through. As sid too gets emotional, he is brought back to reality, when he finds a call on his mobile, from naina and is surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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