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Sasural Simar Ka 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram says tai ji you took oil for papa. Saroj says what are you trying to say? Are you accusing me? Vikram says no I thought by mistake. Saroj says I don’t make such mistakes. Anjali says what do you mean tai ji? saroj says I didn’t spill the milk. Bhopal bring oil bowl from kitchen. Vikram says I was just. saroj says you questioned I have to answer. When I came back after massaging the bowl still had oil left. When Bhopal brings it. Saroj says see. Tao ji says it is empty. Saroj is dazed. Anjali says what is happening with me here Vikram? My life is in danger. Vikram says relax. Anjali says why you unsee it? Tai ji you tried to kill me. Saroj says what rubbish is this. Anjali says this is truth. Anjali says why should I suffer? Papa’s room is downstairs then

why you took oil upstairs? Anjali says you don’t have an answer. but I do. Anjali says you did this so I slip. You want me to die? Vikram says no anjali. Anjali says when you planned all this? What if Vikram or tao ji stepped on it instead of me? She sits down screaming. Saroj says Vikram you don’t trust me? Vikram says my heart says one thing and mind other. For how long will I keep ignoring what I am seeing? For how long will I overlook your sins. Is this some blind trust? What is your problem with her? Saroj says your love is blind. You can’t see anything. She has been lying. And you are trusting her. I brought you up, you are my son.
I loved you all my life. You are accusing me something like this? Anjali you won and I lost. You took my son from me. Anjali says is this a game? Its about my life. Saroj says I know all your games. What is your mission? You can never be anyone’s. What have I done? What are you punishing me for? Vikram says enough tai ji. You forgot that this girl is my wife. You have no right to talk to her like this. She is my life and you tried to kill her. Tao ji says enough Vikram. Vikram says wait a minute tao ji. It is you who took advantage of my blind trust. It was my mistake that I considered you my mother.
Tao ji slaps Vikram. He says I won’t tolerate a word against her motherhood. When you were young she used to call herself your yashoda. She loved you more than a real mother can. Don’t punish her like this. Saroj is crying. She goes in her room. Tao ji leaves as well.
Sanjev says you know Vikram truth never stays hidden. What you said to your tai, you have really hurt her. He goes to his room.

Anjali says don’t feel bad. She hugs him. Anjali says I can understand how it feels. Tai ji is not your real mom. I have tolerated my real mom’s this behavior. Vikram says I won’t let it all hurt you. No one would try to part us.
Anjali texts KB the nail has hit the head. She laughs.
Saroj is packing her bags. Tao ji says don’t run away from problems. Saroj says my own son accused me. I can’t bear anjali’s games and allegations anymore. Sanjev says I will talk to Vikram. Saroj says he doesn’t listen to anyone. She keeps lying to him. She slipped herself. She wants to divide our house. She wants to take Vikram away from us. I have nothing to prove myself. Tao ji says we will find them. Saroj says how? Tao ji says there is a way. He calls someone and says please come to our place asap.

Scene 2
Vikram dresses Anjali’s wound. She says in heart I had to do this drama. Vikram says I saw tai ji was wrong. You are my wife, I will stand by you take care of you. It is my responsibility. Anjali says I wanted to say we have to find a permanent solution? Like we two.. Tao ji comes in with the doctor. Tao ji says Anjali is hurt. Doctor should check her up. Anjali says I am fine. We don’t need a doctor. I am scared of injection. Doctor says there won’t be a need of. Anjali says but.. Vikram says let him check anjali. He checks anjali’s foot. Doctor says it doesn’t look like she has any such injury? There is no swelling and it is not even hurting her.

Precap-Saroj says to Anjali you have played this game. Truth will come in front of everyone. Anjali says I can’t share Vikram. It was all my game from beginning. Vikram overhears it. he slaps anjali and says get out of this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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