Sasural Simar Ka 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All are shocked to see cracks on idol, Maata ji says this is bad omen, how is happened, Gayetri thinks my plan failed but how? Maata ji ask Simar if she did mistake in preparing for Pooja? Simar says no i didnt even touch idol, Devika says that maybe idol got cracks when we brought it here, there was cloth on it when we were bring idol here, it must have got cracked in way, Gayetri says no, these cracks shows that Maa is worrying for her kids and her heart is getting cracked for her child, Mata ji ask if this mean Simar is not safe still? Gayetri says no this means, she has taken all problems of Simar on herself, Roli ask if simar has to make idol again? Gayetri says we will talk later about it, she says we cant do pooja of this cracked idol as its not good sign, she ask Sankalp

and Sid to take idol and send it to rivers, Sid and Sankalp takes idol, Simar thinks that i will not leave the one who has taken my idol from house, i am not that simar, i will not leave that person, Gayetri thinks that idol should be sent to rivers before 12am to lessen danger from Simar, aarti didnt happen but i have to keep Simar under my control, Devika thanks Devi maa for sending away idol out.
Khushi is worried, Devika comes there and tells her that i changed idol in jungle, Khushi says you mean its not that idol which Simar made? Devika says i cracked that idol as i knew then this pooja would not happen, Khushi thanks her, she says Patali devi can reach that idol again, Devika says i have send that idol so far that Patali devi cant reach there, dont worry, Gayetri listens this and gets angry.
Gayetri says to family that it was not good that aarti didnt happen, simar had to fight with dayaans so she is under impression of them, so we should to Shudi Karn of Simar to keep her away from evil eye, they agree, Gayetri says we will do havan tomorrow and Prem has to go and bring one gold coin, Prem says i will go to bring, Sankalp says you have meeting tomorrow, Prem says no one is important that Simar, Simar thinks that i am not your wife Prem but only Patali devi’s loyalist, Gayetri says i need Haldi too tomorrow, Gayetri thinks that its time to remove Simar’s sindoor which has come in my way so many times, even aarti didnt happen so i have to remove her sindoor to keep her with me.
In morning, Roli brings Haldi, Gayetri says Haldi will be prepared by Prem for simar as he is her husband, she thinks that i stole Simar’s things related to her marriage for this reason only, Simar comes there and smirks looking at Gayetri, Prem starts mixing water in Haldi, Gayetri thinks Prem is doing all this for good of his wife but he doesnt know he is sending her more to my evil world, Gayetri throws spark on his hands from her eyes, spark hits Prem’s hand, he feels something, blood starts coming out of his finger, his blood drops in haldi, Gayetri thinks that my work is done, it was important to mix Prem’s blood in Halid, now Simar’s red sindoor will become Patali devi’s loyalist too, Simar feels uneasy and itches her hand, Gayetri says if this is some bad omen? Mata ji recalls how she saw itching marks on Simar’s hands, Prem ask Simar to remove bangles, Gayetri says she is feeling pain, you remove it, Prem starts removing her bangles, good Simar thinks that Prem dont do this, these are my Suhaag’s bangles, dont remove them, Gayetri says Simar can shout as much as she can but no one is able to see her, good Simar says this is all Patali’s evil plan, someone stop her, Prem is removing her bangles, Simar screams in pain as bangle breaks in her hand, Mata ji ask Prem to not remove last bangle as these are Suhag’s bangles, Gayetri says to Mata ji that you dont worry, i am here to take care of all this, she ask Prem to remove last bangle too, Prem says to Mata ji that Simar is feeling pain so i should remove last bangle too, Prem starts removing last bangle, Gayetri thinks that is last proof of their marriage and when it will be removed, simar will be freed from her Suhaag/marriage and will be in my control, Prem removes last bangle, he says to Simar that i will comeback, Good simar says Prem you promised me to never leave me, dont go, Prem is about to leave but his watch gets stuck in her Saree, he stops and looks at her, he recalls how he promised her to be with her always, he smiles at her, removes her saree pallu from his watch and goes upstairs, Khushi sees all this and thinks that its all Patali’s evil plans, i have to tell this to Devika. Prem brings red dupatta for Simar and says i know you need me the most at this time but dont worry, i am with you, he says you remember this dupatta which i made you wear on our marriage, Gayetri thinks that i am trying to remove all proofs of their marriage and he is giving hope back to Simar by making her remember their marriage.

PRECAP-Gayetri applies Haldi on Simar’s head and starts putting milk on her head, otherside Prem is walking on road, a car comes from behind and is about to hit him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Why saath nibhana saathiya updates are not available

  2. Fromgermanyyyy

    What the hell Is this?
    The serial is so boring. Please bring rosid Action back an romar. And end this dayan/Devi drama

  3. What is the hell is this serial…..? Pls close the dayan’s chapter and give some importance for rosid also. We miss u rosid.

  4. Plz give importance to rosid

  5. Prem performance perfect.

  6. Bull shit serial bullshit gayatri .

  7. Pls end this serial. Sasural simar ka serial rakhne k bajae sasural dayans ka rakhna tha.. Yeh serial bacho k saamne dekhne k laayaq ni raha… no likes for this now.. end this….

  8. Kitni backkwasss!!!! Kahaani hai bilkul bekarr, simar is the drama queen of this show…rubbishhh….aur yeh mataji…???? har waqtt simar..simar….hahaha simar bani dayan….???????????????

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