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Sasural Simar Ka 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush comes out and sees Prem’s wallet. He says I hope he still loves maa. Her photo should be in here. There is no picture. Piyush says you could at least give her place in wallet.
Piyush goes back to his office and says sir your wallet was outside on ground. I think it slipped. Prem says how is it possible. Piyush says sometimes whats ours slips out. Piyush says check if everything is there. Prem says you are trsutworthy.
Piyush goes out. He says to an employee. Hello what has papa done to office. Everyone keep working here like robots. I have to change he environment. Piyush takes out the rose and says rose for rosy. She says you want something? He says I lost my smile can I have yours? He says you must have 3 boyfriends. She says I am married. Are you flirting

with me? He says you and him should be same age. Like you and Prem sir. She says wait I am going to complain Prem sir. Piyush says please I am sorry. She says I don’t wanna hear anything. Prem says I swear my intention wasn’t wrong. What I said I had a reason. I can explain.

Simar is doing arti. she says Piyush didn’t call since morning. i should ask him. Piyush’s phone is silent. He sits with Rosy. Rosy says whats the matter? Piyush explains rosy everything. Simar says I Tope everything is okay. She calls in his office. Simar asks receptionist I want to talk to Piyush. She says there is no Piyush here. simar says he just joined yesterday. Receptionist says there have been no joining since a month. Simar says sorry.
Rosy says oh this is the matter. I will help you fore sure. I can’t believe you are prem’s son. Piyush says I didn’t want to tell anyone but I thought you would understand. I wanna see if papa still loves maa. I need your help. Rosy says I am married myself. Flirting with my boss, if my husband gets to know. Piyush says he won’t know it won’t affect your personal life. Rosy says one more problem I don’t know how to flirt. Piysuh says I will guide you. You have to smile. Rosy says thats very easy. Piyush says are you ready? She says done.
Piyush sees simar’s missed calls. Simar says you didn’t pick my call. Piyush says I was a little busy. simar says get done and come home. Piysuh says what happened? Simar hangs up.

Piyush comes home. Simar says I called your office. Rohan says its a big company she might not know. Simar says she said there have been no new joining since a month. Piyush says I haven’t gotten my letter thats why. Now please give me food. I am super hungry. Simar says okay.
Piyush says sorry ma I lied you. But this is for your happiness. For your happiness I can lie to you hundred times.

piyush says on call give those roses to him and say you deserved the flowers.
Roshni comes in and says you were romancing with someone? Rohan says who was it? Piyush says you are getting it wrong. Roshni says I am going to tell choti maa. Piyush says stop I will tell you everything.

Anjali says dad you can’t control my life. I know how to live. I am an independent girl. Prem takes her purse and takes her credit card. He says you don’t value them. You will value them when you don’t have them. He cuts her credit card. Prem’s says this is not independence. If you wanna live your way I can’t support you. Do you understand. He leaves.

Rohan says so you are doing this for choti maa and your dad? Piyush says yes i just wanna know if he still loves her or not. Rohan says you are right. and we are here to help you. piyush says ma shouldn’t know about it.

Scene 2
Next day in office, Prem is out of his cubicle. Rosy comes with flowers. She asks Piyush where to place them? He says somewhere he notices. In center of the table. Prem comes in office. Rosy says good morning. Rosy says yes sir. Prem says are you okay? Piyush says on call talk about flowers. Rosy says I saw these flowers so I bought them for you, it will get you a good mood.
Prem recalls simar giving him flowers. Prem says I am allergic to flowers. She says sorry I am taking them out. Prem says are you okay? She says yes. He says is the file ready? she says yes. Prem says send it in.
Rosy comes to Piyush and says it failed.

Anjali says I am done with my packing. That agent will bring the tickets. Anjali says I don’t have to worry. Rita comes with sweets. Rita says this is for you. Its your special day for you and me. sImar says i didn’t get you. Rita says Piyush got a good job he can take care of you. Its about time you should retire. you can live in your house. How long will you stay here as a servant.

Precap-Simar says driver dropped Piyush the first day I should ask him. Simar sees Prem coming out with Rosy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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