Sasural Simar Ka 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sunanda says none of them is in the room. Mohini says yes all the pictures everything is not here. Where have they all gone? They are playing with me? Sunanda says where will we find them? Mohini says simar is doing all this. she wants to play hide and seek with me? She wont succeed. she has forgotten that i have prem. I will balckmail her through prem. They go out. Amar and simar are watching them. Mohini says simar you will repent. you don’t know my power. Keep in my mind, you will beg me. They leave, simar and amar enter the house.

Simar opens the back door behind temple. Whole family is there. Sujata says has she gone? Simar says yes. Mata ji says where is prem? is he fine ? simar says he fine. We didn’t bring him here. We have kept him at some safe place.

Sujata says please take me to him. I want to see him. Simar says amar will take you all there please wait for a little more time. Simar says he is still in deep slumber and we have to get anajali, roli, sid and pari back as well. We will need mohini for that. AMar says why would she do this? She has turned really dangerous now. Simar says she has gone in anger she must be really mad. She thinks she will use prem to blackmail us but when she finds out that prem isn’t there she will lose her mind. We will lose her helplessness. i will answer her in her language i will learn blackmagic. Everyone is dazed. Mata ji says are you out of your mind? Simar says i will have to do this. Nothing else worked. We don’t have another option. we have that liquid but its useless until we know that mantra. jhanvi says how will you do this? Simar says i will learn them from her and set my family free.
Karuna says you tried before but it endangered sanju’s life. Simar says this time i will succeed because God is with me. You all have to leave this place before she comes back. Sujata says what about you? Simar says please i will be fine.

Simar says i fear nothing, i have my family with me. They all vow by holding each others’ hands. Simar says no power on earth can stop me from reuniting my family. Amar says i should bring prem as well. Mata ji says yes please bring him home. Amar says yes sankalp come with me. they leaves.
Sujata says my prem is coming back home.

Mohini comes home and sees prem is not there. Mohini says this can’t happen. Sunanda says maybe he woke up and fled? Mohini says no i did blackmagic on him. He can’t get up, simar came here and took prem with her. how did she got to know about this place? Mohini says what address you gave in police station jhumba? Jhumba says this house’s. Mohini throttles her and says you dumb girl. Your mistake ruined my plan. Sunanda says leave her she is your sister. Mohini says i wont leave her she ruined everything. I taught her blackmagic and this is what she did.
jhumba shoves her and says you did wrong Mohini, you sacrificed my husband to get al these powers. you will have to repay for this. Mohini says i am the powerful one no one can kill me.
Jhumba says we witches have some rules too, if you stay in your limits i wont turn against you. Jumba leaves. Sunanda says what will we do now?

Precap-mata ji says don’t lose faith simar. Simar comes to that house. Mohini and sunanda see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i think jumba is none other than thakurayin only.. because she said u killed my husband.. thakurayin also told to simar that mohini killed her husband …. third lady is none other than thakurayin only..

  2. ha.. in one interview sid said she may come back(thakurayin).. i to think same she is thakurayin only…

  3. She may be thakurayin.. Bt ws thakurayin fat like jhumpa ??

  4. Ya I agree sandya she is takurayin….but I cant wait when will rosid come back….????

  5. mohini track comes to an end jaldi simar mohini ka amna samna… simar ki jeeth hoti hai.. mohini ka katma hoga.. off scren pratyusha told.. her character comes to an end.. jaldi woh sabko bya bye kahne wali hai and she miss set and friends in ssk alot…
    in background they told “aap kya darshak bi aap ko miss karengi aur tho saathi sab be sabri se intazaar karegi aane wali happy ending ki”
    it means e24 reporter tells about the ending of mohini track or ending of serial” please tell me.. about what they tell happy ending.. pleaase reply me ssk ending?

  6. Really boring track I dont like this girl pratyusha director.must hav taken some other actress who is used to of these nagative roles. Even khushi must hav done this role in a bettter way.

  7. its nearly finished

  8. Ya i also think its thakurain may b she help simar…

  9. May b she ll help simr 2 brg rosid,anjali,pari…

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