Sasural Simar Ka 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sujata says what is all this. Simar tells them everything. She says I know its not easy to believe but our rest of family is still under her illusion. Sujata says we have you here. We will bring them back. Simar says jhanvi call police and take the case back. Prerna says we did what chandan maani asked. simar says thank you so much prerna. Maani comes in and says what are you doing simar? The story is yet left. Wedding is left. Sujata says who is she? Maani says I am chandan maani. Simar says God is with us. God knows what is right and wrong. maani says you think you can save them all? Its impossible.
I told you prerna don’t help simar. But you still did. You think its a joke? I will punish you for what you have done, simar says no. maani says she will beg for death. prerna

says please let me go and forgive me. simar says don’t beg her prerna. You can’t bow down to her. Prerna says I don’t know why I did this. I am sorry. I won’t have done this if I knew your powers. Maani says see simar. Simar says she has done nothing. Let her go. Maani says you are right.
Because of you my story is ruined. And you have to pay for this. She throttle prerna. SImar says please leave her. I beg you. Maani disappears with prerna. SImar says she took her with her in her world. what will she do to her? Maani says she will work.

Mani shows them, chanda comes and says mata ji you needed a maid? I brought one. Come in.
Prerna comes in as a servant. Mata ji says I feel like I have seen her somewhere before. Chanda says she came here first time. She was asking for work so I brought her here. Mataji says do you know work? chanda says massage her feet. Prerna massages mata ji’s feet. Mataji says very good. Clean her shoes too.
Simar says she is paying for helping me. what should i do.
Chanda says mata ji she shouldn’t go out of here. Mata ji asks why? Chanda says she is new in city and very innocent. She really wants to visit the city. That is she ran from her city. Mataji says don’t worry. This is my house. nothing happens here without my consent.
Chanda says go make tea for mataji. prerna says okay.
Mata ji says to chanda sit down with me. Chanda sits with her. Chanda says can I ask you something. Mataji says yeah sure. Its your right. Chanda says I wanted to know if prem had ever married someone before or some affair.
Mata ji says why would you ask that? No never. Chanda tells her everything.
Mata ji says who was that girl? These women can do anything for money. chanda says mata ji i just asked. don’t worry. You said it, i am satisfied. Mata ji says I give you guarantee. I have my word. prem had never married before and he will only marry you.
This is my promise.

Precap-Chanda says to prem you are thinking about that girl? Prem says I feel like i know here. Prerna says not only you a lot of people in city remember her. Prem says what you mean? She shows his something on paper. She says she makes people fool.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Guys one doubt how much times prem will marry? First roli and then simar.. After long time sunanina.. And then simar.. Devika and then simar.. And now chandamani and next simar? I thought this will happen in ekta show. But rashmi proved that her show will be worse than ekta show..

    1. Not sunaina yaar it’s surbhi
      Maybe RS want do dominate ekta 2 show her male lead too can marry multiple times.. Crazy thing is here devika/chandramani r not the ppl who exist on earth…

  2. In ssk Prem ki shaadi became unlimited?

  3. i want roli back, ????????i already stopped watching this serial bcoz of roli exit better end this show.???

  4. u right ranaji…i agree with u yuvi…without rosid is very bore pls end the show…cvs pls dnt spoil rosid love dnt make any pair for sid…leave him alone…and also dnt show his character in negative…pls come back as old sid…roli’s sid….

  5. Please kindly end SSK….. Dont run the show just for the sake of episodes… please bring back and end the drama as soon as possible.. do it for viewers

    1. Please bring back roli and end the drama in right note…. Please guys forward to the directors of SSK


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