Sasural Simar Ka 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roshni says I love you Piyush. He is dazed. He turns back. Piyush says I love you too Roshni. Roshni is about to hug him. Piyush says just as a friend. I mean you.. Are you serious? Come on please don’t cry. I didn’t know.. She is in tears. Piyush says I don’t want to hurt you and I dont know what to say. Roshni says some other girl? He says I never loved anyone. I think we should not hesitant to tell the truth. I never saw you that way. You are my best friend and will always be. No one will know me the way you do. I hope you understand. Roshni swipes her tears. Roshni says its late I want to go home drop me please. They sit in the cars.

simar calls Prem. He says I asked you not to call. Simar says its not about me, its about Anjali. It is important. prem

says I don’t want talk. Simar says you being hasty. She is not ready for it. She reacted so much to it. What if she does that in front of them. Prem says she won’t and you don’t have to worry about all this at all.
Prem says this is final. He hangs up. Simar says he is not listening. What do I do now. What if Anjali does something wrong.
Anjali says why people give importance to marriage. Like there is nothing more important than it in world.

Scene 2
A guy Vikram is driving and drinking in the car. His friend says will we get caught? He says don’t worry. Vikram has exit plan ready for all dangerous plans. Enjoy this night.
Roshni and Piyush are on way back home. Piyush says it wont affect our friendship. We will always be friends. Smile now for me. Roshni smiles. He says you are amazing, you should have told me you interested in love and all I will find the perfect guy for you.
Vikram stops his car. He says she will come here. They see a girl coming out of a parlor and follow her. They stop the car in front of bride’s. Vikram comes out of his car. They take the bride and her friends out. The bride says let me go everyone is waiting for me it my wedding today. Take what you want and let me go. He says I want you. don’t try to run, do as I say. Driver says you can’t do this. vikram says you shut up and go from here. They try to take the bride with them. Piyush and roshni stop their car there. The bride screams help me.. Piyush says they are running with that girl. They are abducting her. Piyush says you keep sitting in the car. Piyush tries to stop the car, they hit him and run. Roshni comes out. Roshni says are you okay. Piyush says they took the girl with them. We have to help that girl. Did you see number plate? roshni says no. Piyush says lets inform police we can tell them color and model. Piyush complains.

Scene 3
At bharadwaj house, Prem my decision is final mataji. don’t listen to outsiders. Rajhinder says calm down and then think Prem. Amar says yes prem why being so hasty? Mataji says all simar wants is Anjali’s will. What if she doesn’t agree. Anjali comes downstairs and says I agree. Everyone is dazed. Anjali says it took me time to realize marriage isn’t that bad thing. I trust you dad I know you won’t decide anything bad for me. Simar says ankjali.. Prem says my daughter agrees now, no one will question anything now. Prem says anjali I promise this decision would be good for you. KB says anjali rest tomorrow is an important day for you. prem says they are all coming to see anajli tomorrow. I would be happy if you are around but If anyone disagrees they better stay away.

Simar prays for Anjali. Simar says I don’t feel good about all this. KB says uma pari is everything ready? They say yes. Pari says nothing can stop it now. KB says there should be no shortcomings in preps. Its Anjali’s big day. Her in-laws are coming. Sattu says when will they reach? Prem says they are on their way. Piyush says how anajli agreed? He gets a call from Roshni. She says I am so scared please come here. HE ways relax what happened? I can’t come.
Roshni says you are avoiding me for yesteday. Piyush says no you know i care for you. Roshni says please come I need you. She is crying. Piyush says okay I am coming. Stop crying. Piyush says to Simr I have to go to office. There is some work. He leaves. VIkram arrives with rest of his family.

Precap-Prem welcomes vikram and his family. Anjali comes downstairs as well. Simar says to Vikram’s mom may I talk to you in person? After simar talked they leave. Prem says what did you talk to them I am asking you something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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