Sasural Simar Ka 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 25th October 2013 Written Update

Attul is waiting for the secretary of soniya. Mausi ji is all changed. She says to roli that your mausi is looking so good. Roli asks her to give her trailer. She says her typical sentences. Roli asks her to control. Mausi ji says that its habitual. She says i will be flop in front of him. roli says that you are so talented mausi ji you can teach him. Mausi ji says i will go now. Roli is smiling. Mausi ji is about o fall in water owing to heels.

Scene 2
There simar is selecting colors for the shop. pari says that simar doesn’t know about the shop. Mata ji says that okay you should go for yellow and black. everyone laughs and says its not a taxi. Simar says what about selecting the color when the interior is done. Pari leaves in anger. Sujata asks jaanvi to eat something

simar says that i will make janvi eat something. When sujata leaves janvi says i am sorry bhabhi you have to lie because of me. Simar says no worries we have a few more days to go. Our plan is on right track.

Scene 3
Mausi ji goes to attul is trying to act normal. Attul says have a seat she says no i have coffee. She says i am so busy as i am soniya’s secretary she is so young and rich. He business is all set in many countries. She has bought many factories she is so proud. These girls are flop types. Soniya don’t do anything without my consent. Roli is worried what is this mausi ji is continuously speaking.

Scene 4
Roli says to achna that she has rejected all the colors simar selected. Achna says that it wsa all i wanted but just make shalu happy all the time. Pari says don’t worry i will work on your ideas.

Scene 5
There meghna reaches and is about to see roli. She sees her and roli is oblivious of that. Roli pretends that she is talking to micheal on phone. Meghna asks her what is she doing here? She says i am here to bring my secretary. She says lets go for a coffee. Roli is reluctant. Meghna says come on its not a big deal its just a matter of 10 minutes. Roli says actually the meeting is so important. Meghna insists her. Mausi ji comes and says that she can’t drink coffee because she is fasting. Roli says meet her she is my secretary. Meghna says that i thought you are not married? Roli says that actually she is my family member like lady. She asked me to fast so i will gt a better husband in future. Meghna says thats so sweet. They both leave. Meghna says you have to meet me soniya obroye.

Scene 6
Mausi ji is calling uma pari and simar. She asks all of them to get ready like a bride. Mausi ji asks uma to get ready well as moon will come with attitude. Roli’s phone is ringing and its attul. She looks at mausi ji? she asks is it meghna’s PA? Mausi ji takes phone from her hand and goes out. attul asks her when will made come i am asking about the time? She says her time is not conform i will let you know. Attul says whats wrong with your voice? She gets worried and says that she will be coming for dinner tonight.
Attul tells meghna that she is coming over for dinner. Meghna ask him to do the best arrangements. She asks sahureya that i want to introduce you to him be at home. He says whatever.

Scene 7
Roli tells simar that she was caught my meghna when she was waiting at the corner. Masui ji comes and says that attul has asked for a dinner. Roli says and you denied? Mausi ji says no i said yes. Roli says how could you do this its my fast tonight.

Precap- All of them are breaking their fasts. Attul tells meghna that they are not receiving phone. She shouts at him that you can’t even confirm a dinner. attul says that if she is so rude in the beginning what will she do onward.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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