Sasural Simar Ka 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Leela says the day he came here with simar he took phones of everyone and said he will return when he will get married to simar. roli says leela try to arrange your dad’s phone and didi you have to bring virkant’s phone. I know its difficult for you. none of us can go near vikrant. Roli says you have to do this for yourself and Anjali sima nods.

Vikrant is drinking in his room. he recalls siamr saying prem will find me in 20 days. He wll save me and if he cant, I will marry you with my will. leela comes in. vikrant is shocked to see her. leela says simar is not eating the food. she says she wont eat until you come. he says why? leela says I think she wants to talk about her challenge she must have realized that nothing happen here without your permission.


have killed her sister as well se might have given up against you. He syas I knew this will happen. she will be mine forever. Leela says in heart its on the spot. Vikrant leaves. Leela sees tha vikrant has forgotten his phone. leela is about to pick it. Vikrant says my phone. Leela picks the plates instead vikrant leaves with his phone.

leela goes to roli and says its done. he has gone to simar’s room. roli says its all upto her now. Now please try to bring sarpan’s phone. Leela says okay. she recalls when vikrant scolded at her for helping simar, she says roli I wont e able to do this. he will kill me. roli says don’t be scared we are here. leela says I will do anthing but stealing his phone. leela says okay then tell me sarpan’s room. She tells roli the room.

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Virkant knocks at simar’s door and comes in. He says finally you realized my love. simar says no.You are thinking wrong. I wanted to meet you for Anjali and sanju they are young they must be scared here. please send them here. He says simar we will be one and not this incomplete we will be one after 20 days. You gave me 20 days challenge. Prem wont come here and you will marry me with your will. I am really happy. after 20 days your trust will be broken. He syas you me sanju and Anjali will be ahppy family don’t worry about them they are with me. simar says I wont go anywhere I will fulfill my promise because I know prem will come here. Vikrant is about to leave. simar says keep in mind that in that battle ravan couldn’t get. A ravan like you can’t take love from seta.

roli is going to sarpan’s room. She goes to room and wonders where could sarpan go. Shee looks everywhere in the room. She can’t find it.

simar says I know prem will come her. He comes near simar, simar says don’t move forward. Vikrant says I wuld have married you long ago if I wanted to do that by force but I didn’t do that. But if you wanna test my patience then I can end this chapter right. I will break my promise and make you mine right now. Simar’s back is against the wall. Vikrant comes near her. simar says stay away from me. Sima has the powder in her hand that leela gave her. It faints the person Simar throws it on vikrnt. vikrant faints and falls on the floor.

Leela is dazed to know where is sarpan. Roli wonders is there any planning going on? roli says we need to find her. leela hears sarpan saying vikrant asked me to come to simar’s room. roli says please stop him, eela says I a s scared of him. roli says its okay. rli goes out. sarpan is going to simar’s room. simar open s the door. Sapran asks where is vikrant?

Precap-roli syas what f they know I am alive. I have to do this to save didi. Roli comes in front of everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. it z worst track of shw ….mk it over ….a very sweet face of deepika samsun dznt Match wd dis typ of trouble…

  2. Hahahahahahaha:-D powder to make people unconscious.hahahap:-D

  3. vikrant is so stupid & the serial goes so worst. please end this nonsense

  4. why you are people scolding vikranth you should slap the irector, writter, and producer of this serial they only know to make the serial by good people became bad why they are giving so much injustice vikranth character idiot writters

  5. please narrrate the story for prem simar sid rolli and their romance do not
    show other character without their value you are injusting to other too much

  6. Unbelievable… Dragging the story too much with the same scene.

  7. Killer serial…..

  8. This serial not a killer

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