Sasural Simar Ka 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar comes out with roli. Mata ji hugs her. Mata ji says thank God you are all okay, lets go home.
They all come outside home. Everyone is glad to see roli. Mata ji says you all. Rajhinder says family never goes away. Karuna says they are always with you. Simar says we have won a part of this war but rest is left. I still have a part of maani and shaitan will come back to take it. We have to be careful. Rajhinder says we will all face him. We will stay united.

They all build camps in the street to live. Shaitan sees them. Malti says they are weired. Now they are making another one. Madhvi says they are still smiling. Shaitan says their smile and new home will be gone soon. He starts blowing winds. They all hold the camps and say jai mata di. The winds stop. Simar says when we are united we are like a fist. We can face any power in the world. Malti says I told you they are upto something. Madhvi says they have become a wall. Madhvi says you really are proud of your unity now see what I do. You are all part of this story I am writing.
Choti dulhan says he is preparing his next attack. We have to be careful.
roli says everyone is here, where are uma khushi and pari. Jhanvi says they have gone to market to bring stuff.

Simar says its too late they are not back yet. Simar says I am worried for them. Karuna says they had that thread in hand. SImar says that shaitan is so clever.
Shaitan comes out and says it feels good to see your faces with questions marks. y clothes must be telling you condition of my heart. Its a special day. I am getting married today and not just to one women, to three women. They are lucky to have husband like me. One makes good food, other is a good wife and third is a good dancer. Mata ji says what is he trying to say? Shaitan says why are you so curious. I will introduce them. All three will come out when I blow trumpet. Three brides come out. They take clothes off their faces, its pari uma and khushi. Everyone is bewildered. They say we want to marry shaitan.

Precap-Uma sings, Khushi and Pari dance with her. Shaitan says two more hours and then we will get married.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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