Sasural Simar Ka 25th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 25th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar gives food to Anjali and another girl. Anjali eats it, simar stops her and says you don’t eat it. It has peanuts. You are allergic to them. khushi and pari say to mataji can we be involved in Sid’s business too? Mataji says what are you scared of? Family business means what we all do together. Anjali is eating peanuts. She starts coughing. Simar says what happened. Karuna holds her. Pari says let me bring water. Simar gives Anjali water.
Karuna sees peanuts. She says Simar you gave her peanuts? Don’t you know about her allergy? If Khushi is allergic then so will anjali be. Simar says I knew.. Karuna says if she was your daughter you would have been careful. Simar says she is my daughter. Karuna says saying that wont change anything. You are just up bringing

her but Khushi gave her birth. Pari says simar you should have been careful. Sujata says what is wrong with you karuna. What have you said to simar. Mataji says we are all a family. We are supposed to support her. How can you say that Anjali is not simar’s daughter. Simar is anjali’s daughter. Khushi was just a surrogate mother.
Simar recalls when Anjali was born with surrogacy. SImar asks prerana to bring anti allergy. she gives it to Anjali. prerna takes anjali to her room.
Karuna says mataji I made a mistake. Words are sharper than sword. I have hurt simar. I am sorry simar. SImar says please don’t say that chachi. Simar hugs her. Karuna says I take all my words back. Seeing anjali.. My tongue slipped. You are an example of what a mother should be. a daughter, sister and wife. You are an example. I am sorry. Kamiya hears all this.

Simar is making tea. She recalls the incidents of the day earlier. She says I am thinking too much. Kamiya comes to her and says the smell is so good. simar says tea for anjali. She will feel better. kamiya says I know a baba that can help you with becoming a mother.
Mataji says to Kamiya, I am not saying anything against anyone. He might be a baba but I don’t think simar needs to prove anything. mother is one who owns everyone. Mother is one who fights for her kids and God is with us. We don’t need any baba. I know that if GOd wants, Simar will give birth one day. Simar says you are right. We shouldn’t meet her. Kamiya ask him not to come. Kamiya says he is on his way. Mataji says then leave it. Mata ji says Simar all I want to say is that you are the best for us. You’re perfect. A baba comes in and says nothing is perfect but God. Mata ji says I didn’t mean that. Please come in. We welcome you to bharadwaj house. Baba sits. He says a woman is more powerful than a man because God gave them power to give birth. So she should never bow down to anyone. Mata ji says I am glad to know your thoughts. I take my words back and hope you forgive me. Mata ji says i know you will solve Simar’s problem. He says sure show me simar’s kundli. Baba sees her hand and kundli. Baba says she will become mom. Prerna says then why hasn’t she been a mom yet? Baba says everything has a time. And that time has come. He says simar you have to do a task and then eat prasad. Simar says I will do anything. He says okay we will do a yoga then you will have to walk on floor of nails. sujata says what are you saying baba. Simar says please I will do this. Prem says no simar. Simar says but why. He says no means no. you will not do anything such thing or I will never talk to you.

Precap-Simar says a woman’s life is complete whens he becomes a daughter a wife and a mom. Prerna says Prem simar come see what Kamiya is doing we have to stop her. They see Kamiya walking on floor on nails.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. May b simar is perfect(as per cvs n some other people) bt she is failed as sister…I hope no one should get sister like simar…I just hate simar n prerna

    1. Well said dear

    2. So true. …roli did much for simar. .but simar don’t deserve her.

    3. I agree with you. ..simar is not worth for roli ‘s affection sacrifice and lovr

    4. Well said worst serial loveless sister and family

    5. It was not simar mistake but Avila or Riki’s mistake to go from the serial what will she do.

  2. best updates


    PLEASE TELL ME………………………………….

  4. Vardhini your are right.

  5. Correct. …vardhini. ..simar and bharadwaj house don’t deserve roli …hate u simar roli mataji

  6. Hate u simar not even remembering ur sister who sacrificed her life just for you. ..hate u prerna

  7. Ritvi

    Simar and ur so called family just go to the hell. ..what a stupid story. ..and u Simar don’t say that you love your sister. ..u don’t deserve her. ..u r not at all remembering her…how selfish. Chiii

  8. Hency

    I agree with all of u. I miss you avika (roli) and of course rosid

  9. I also agree with u all…miss u roli…tis family is forget u…go to hell prena…overacting…i think she does not knw acting…i dnt knw how the producers could select tis worst actor like prena…

  10. Hey guys roli is acting in Tamil film

  11. DEVI (devil )

    Roli is worst I love sid and prerna….. such a cute girl she is…. I hate Roli she is too fat….. plz guys don’t support that fatso yaar

  12. Narendran

    prena..go to hell…guys this simar is backwas..prem acting is good..simar is from first all probelms will be faced by prena and simar..!…guys have hope..if after some time..when sid gonna accept prena time..if roli returns…then??all will be happy

  13. Roli return? No yar I don’t want that…that idiot family doesn’t deserve roli….wrst sis wrst family…I just want…sid too die….n all Shaitan’s dayans enter into this selfish family n torture like hell….n that prerna…yuck…she luks like elder sis to sid…I just hate her…she is lean…bt no charm in her face….I don’t know hw some people suporting that pale faced girl..its OK its their wish….I won’t say not to suprt the way they r saying….bt fr rosidians…roli is best…she bubbly cutie pie…sid luks osum only when roli is beside him..nt this lean girl

  14. Now avika is lean..only..she loss more weight…and looks so nice…watever she looks always preety and bubbly..tat prena face is look like big and ugly…and her smile is got fear because of her unordered teeth…ha ha a…so funny…roli is always beauty no one beat her…

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