Sasural Simar Ka 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajeshwari comes out of that mirror and attacks shikhar. She stabs him multiple times, rajeshwari says betryal has only one consequence and that is death. roli says don’t come forward i have this maani. Roli takes it out, she says give me that thing as well. Maya says you can’t fight with me so you better give me that. Rajeshwari starts attacking sid saves roli.
Amar says like every time triumph was written for the good. Inspector says rajveer its time to take you to station. Rajveer laughs and says I lost what was never mine, but let me tell what you have lost. He says all people listen. What i am gonna tell you is gonna make you feel pathetic for this woman. Her husband bet on his wife, he lost his wife in that game. If you don’t trust me you can ask this

woman. This is the truth. I won his wife in that game. He says i have not lost today simar, you weak relationship has lost. you won but lost in a way. he laughs. Amar says take him. Cops takes rajveer, people say who does this in these days? Who sells his wife? People can be so greedy.

Rajeshwari says while playing games with me your forgot that I have something more powerful than this maani. She tries to attack roli but she saves herself.Rajeshwari attacks sid. Rajseshwari says you think you can save sid from this maani? I will hide him somewhere that this maani wont even help you. roli says in heart sid’s life is way more than this maani.
Mata ji says in temple thank you God for returning our happiness. Prem says please forgive me for what i did God, give me a second chance to win simar’s trust. mata ji says you all must be tired. go to your rooms. Sattu says mata ji please pardon us we made a mistake.
Amar says mata ji they know their mistake please forgive them. Mata ji says if you had made the same mistake i would have pardoned you even before you asked for it. You are just prem’s friend but still you considered us your family. you helped me in my weaker times. And they, they were blood still they never cared about it. Mata ji says i will do my part. I will give them whatever their share is, so their kids don’t feel that i have been unjust. i request you all never to ask me to pardon them. Because i am weaker now. I can’t carry the burden on these lifeless relations.
Sujata says mata ji’s decision is right, there was something left in our upbringing that is why our kids became so selfish. Rajhinder says drink water please. Simar says maa is really hurt, what when she gets to know about what prem has done. I will never let you know the reality.

Rajeshwari says decision is yours now either you wanna save life of sid or you want this money. Roli starts fighting with her as she defends herself from rajeshwari’s attack. Sid gets up and saves roli, Shikhar hits rajeshwari on head from the back, she falls down.

Simar swipes her tears and sits with mata ji. simar says i know when you have to break your house and family yourself it hurts you the more. Your decision is not wrong, i think we should give them one chance. you know all parents can bear anything but tears in eyes of their kids. They did this all for their kids, mata ji says i wont listen to anyone, dont support them. simar says i am not supporting them. If you look in their eyes you know how remorseful they are. We are all pearls in the necklace of this family. All the pearls will loose if you let them go. we will shatter, pardon them please. Mata ji says when your own people hurt you its not easy to forget. sima says you can try at least. mata ji says if that is so, then why didn’t you forgive prem?

Precap-prem calls simar and says i know you don’t wanna see my face and neither talk to me. but for one last time, listen to me. simar says last time? He says yes, i am at the cliff if you dont come here to meet me i will jump.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. sandya

    is rajeshwari going to die really or not? who kidnapes anjali and sanjana… and i think rajeshwari will not die… what you think guys….. in spoiler given that rajkumari dies.. is it correct or not?

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