Sasural Simar Ka 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samir says now I see how I ruin your life Simaar. I will use your both daughters as my weapon. i will blackmail one and manipulate other. He throws darts on their faces. He says be prepared. You will die every moment.
Samir gets a call at night. It says I am here. He goes out. Roshni follows him.

Next morning, samir says my friends want to come for dinner. Prepare for it. I dont’ want any shortcomings in dinner. She says what? that is not my thing to do. He says maybe you are making a mistake? he shows her sanju working in the kitchen. He says the papers say that I and my wife are 50 50% partners of this house. That wifee can be sanju or you. Now you have to decide. He says if sanju prepares and gets introduced to everyone as my wife you know what can happen.


is preparing the table. Anjali breaks the things. Sanju says why are you doing this? anjali says why are you doing all this? his friends are coming and I will preapare for that. SAnju says I am samir’s wife too. I can do whatever you want. I married him for love and you married him for money. Simar calms sanju down. Anjali says ask your daughter to stay in her limits. Sanju says whatever get lost. Simar says sanju calm down. Sanju says I am samir’s wife and i will do all this. Mataji says what happened to sanju. Simar says I dont’ know.

Scene 2
Samir’s friends come. They say samir introduce your wife. Anjali comes and sasy here I am. Sanju comes downstairs as well. She holds samir’s other hand. Everyone is dazed. Samir’s friend says do you have two wives? samir says yes thats true. Don’t be shocked. Anjali and Sanju both are my wives. Roshni says what is sanju trying to do. Simar says sanju I want to talk to you. She says why are you doing all this? Sanju says I should be with my husband. I know what I am doing. She goes to hall again.

Sanju comes back to party. Samir’s friend asks her to drink. SAmir says sanju will drink. Sanju takes the glass. She comes to room and cries. Samir says i told you think wont be easy. Come downstairs and swipe the tears. simar comes and says how dare you behave this way with my daughter. she won’t go downstairs. SAnju says he is my husband if he wants me come downstairs I will. simar says why are you doing all this? SAnju says I will do what my husband asks only.
Everyone is dancing downstairs. Samir’s friend tries to come close to sanju while dancing. Sanju doesn’t feel comfortable. He pulls her close. Mataji says what is he doing. Simar says I am sure she is doing all this is any pressure. Sanju says leave me. He holds her hand and pulls her. Anajli smirks. The guy says common come close and dance. Arav comes and slaps the guy. The guy falls on the floor. Piyush beats him and saays how dare you. Piyush and arav kick all his friends out and lock the door. Samir says how dare you? Piyush grabs his collar and says my sister is not your property. Arav is about to beat him. SAnju says leave him please. She stands in front of samir. Anjali says don’t touch my anajli.

Simar says what is wrong saju. Sanju says don’t interfere in our problem. anjali says this house is of samir. Sanju says I won’t tolerate my husband’s insult. SAmir goes upstairs.

At night, Roshni says why is sanju behaving this way? She goes out in the balcony. Roshni sees a black coat hanging there. She says someone was here. She comes back to her room and wakes piyush up. she says i saw a shadow. When I went close to it I saw this coat. Piyush saays we can’t tell everyone unless we are sure.

Precap-Matjai comes to Anjali and says samir was married to sanju. Mataji says I beg you please let sanju with samir in havan. Anjali says okay but then I have a condition. you have to kneel and ask for pardon for all the wrong things you have done to us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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