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Sasural Simar Ka 25th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sunanda comes out with her stuff. She says i will never forget your favors and love. Mata ji says please don’t embarrass us. We didn’t do anything. Sunanda says should i go? Mata ji asks sankalp and amr to help her. Amar is upset, he recalls his moments with mohini. he recalls how she was crying. Amar says i am sorry mohini please pardon me. Prem comes in his room. They all come in. Simar says we are responisible for this, we will get your love back to you. Sid says we will talk to mohini and tell her what we have been through, that is why we doubted her. Mata ji joins her hand. Amar says don’t embarrass me. I learned love from this house. Mohini just wants to be friends with me. I will be such a good friend to her that she will fall in love. That will make our relationship

eternal. Mata ji says stay blessed. he hugs her.

Sunanda says too bad, she starts laughing. Mohini comes in smiling, prem is on a chair and numb. Sunanda says poor bharadwajs, Simar put ashes in temple herself. Mohini says simar shouldn’t have messed up with us, and look we took her prem from here and Simar couldn’t even know.
She recalls Prem saying Mohini i know you are upset because of Amar. I apologize on his behalf, you have to live ups and downs of relationships. Don’t lose your trust in it. Mohini says there are few lucky people who have trust in their relationship. You and simar have it, your relationship is my ideal. But everyone is not as lucky as you. There are ups and downs but when someone doesn’t trust you, how can you go for that relationship. she takes out a box in her hand puts some sweets in it. She says anyway, whatever is in my fate i will get it. I prayed for you and Simar in temple, take this prsad. Prem took in and eats it. Prem said thanks for thinking about us. I hope you will listen to me and contemplate on it. She said i will think about it but I have to go from here right now. He said okay you can but think about it. She said yes i will.
In the hall sunanda cried my daughter’s life is ruined, everyone ran to her and prem was left alone in the hall. His head started revolving. Sunanda said that witch took father from my daughter and now her love amar. she pretended to cry. They all calmed her down, meanwhile Mohini came to Prem and took him on her shoulder and took her out of the house.
Sunanda says bharadwajs must be thinking where their loving son Prem has gone. She says why you look worried Mohini. Mohini says i left that medicine bottle there. I have to go to bharadwaj house. Sunanda says no you can’t go there. They must be looking for prem. Mohini says if simar and roli see that bottle they will know what happened to prem.

Everyone in the house is sitting upset. Sid comes and asks where is prem? Sujata says he is not home. Sattu says we thought he went with you. Sid says maybe he went with mata ji. Mata ji comes in, sid asks was prem with you? Mata ji says no i saw him on meal last time. Sid says i looked everywhere for him. Mata ji says he must be out. They all go out to look. Mataji asks rajhinder to call Prem. Prem’s phone is switched off. Sujata says call his friends, maybe he is with them. Sid and other brothers look for him outside but couldn’t find them, rajhinder says i called all his friends he is no where. Simar comes downstairs. She says why you all so worried? Mata ji says prem.. simar says what happened to him? And where is he? Please tell me what is it? Mata ji says simar we looked everywhere, called all his friends but we could get no information of him. simar is taken aback.

Mohini comes in bharadwaj house, covered in a long sheet. She says they are all in hall. How can i get the bottle, its really important. She turns the lights off. Sujata says what happened to the lights. Mohini stands up and says i shall look for the bottle. Rajhinder says let me check. Rajhinder collides with her and catches her. Rajhinder says sattu shalu there is a thief. Turn the lights on. They all turn the lights on, cat comes in howling everyone gets scared Mohini runs out.

Sunanda says to mohini are you mad. what if they caught you? And you didn’t find that bottle they wont either. Lets focus on our mission now. Mohini says yes no one can stop me from accomplishing my mission now.

Precap-simar says mata ji, maa come here in the temple. Raghini looks at prem. She asks Mohini will you do my work? mohini says i need something related to that person. She gives her swara’s clothes and pictures.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Fast updates thanks

  2. stupid ragini hw she do black magic wid her own sis

  3. stupid ragini hw can she do black magic wid her own sis

  4. swara finds prem and took his phone and calls simar she escapes with prem from there.. but dont know is simar comes to know about mohini or not we have to see… i think sthey saves prem escape with him.. but simar knows about mohini or not confusing some what? what you think guys is simar comes to know about mohini?

    1. Thank u for the fast update… i think simar will not com to kno about mohini dat soon… this track may go longer… it mite go long by amar-mohini’s love-hate relationship….

  5. Ragini is so annoying

  6. Waiting for maha episode of swaragini and sasural simar ka. I have one doubt after 7.30 we have to wait till 9.30 yaar ohhh there is any time changes????

  7. Waiting for maha episode of swaragini and sasural simar ka. I have one doubt after 7.30 we have to wait till 9.30 yaar ohhh there is any time changes???? Can anyone tell me

  8. I think no yaar they will drag till they get next story……but anyway Monday Tuesday episode gng to be nice….it seems….

  9. No yaar no change in time after 7.30 then 9.30

  10. very sad news guys…deepika samson is eliminated from jalak

  11. very bad news fnds…deepika samson is eliminated in jalak

  12. Oh so bad

  13. Ya pragna i really felt sad for…..she have tried her best……tat radha nachegi performance was good… fav 2constestant Deepika and radika…nw Deepika eliminated

  14. Sooo sad i dnt expect i thought she would get 1more chance since aasish companion got hurt

  15. truth to get exposed in ssk&swaragini combined maha episode:
    colors tv will be seen maha episode of two shows swaragini and ssk will be fused together and a lot of drama taking in its place.
    it will be seen that mohini will make her final atempt of making prem hers forever and she will kidnap him. mohini will take prem to kolkata where she will keep him in ragini’s house.
    ragini will do this favour for mohini as mohini will help her for stoping lakshya and swara marriage.
    simar will then go to kolkata where she will bump into swara who will try to help her in finding prem.
    however, when simar finds prem, swara will also comes to know about ragini’s truth this will biggest shock for her.
    while simar and prem be re-united, swara will be distressedafter knowing ragini ‘s true evil face.

  16. friend in above article its given that raginis truth will be out and simar finds prem and reunited. but, in this they didn’t say about mohini truth will be out as she is dayan… so what you think guys is simar comes to know about mohini as dayan? or not??/

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