Sasural Simar Ka 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All of the ladies at bharadwaj house are selecting the jewelry. Mata ji says you will have to come once again our daughter in law to be will come tomorrow. Mata ji asks is prem back ? Sujata says I don’t know he said he will be coming tomorrow. They ask sid. he says I talked to him he said that he will return with a good news. I think he got a consignment.

Scene 2
Siamr is crying in her room. Vikran comes there, she tries to get up but she is not well. Vikran says I am here to say something I never said. I brought you here as sunnaina and you vowed that you will stay here. I never trusted you completely. I used to think that you will leave this house., I know that girl was roli and she sent prem here. you could easily go with him but you didn’t. You gave

these proofs to prem, police could figure out that these proofs are fake. But you didn’t use them against me because you knew that baa and sanju would shatter. Thank you for saving my family. He leaves, simar wonders what happened downstairs she can’t recall anything.

Mausi goes to meet their new neighbors. She comes in and tells everyone that shastri family has come to live in our neighborhood. their mom is dead their dad raised them, They are really different from each other but they love each other so much. I told them how to love in Dehli they have become good friends with me.

Scene 3
Prem goes to roli and khushi and says I have seen the proofs she is not simar. She is sunnaina Mehta. Khushi says how is that possible ? Prem says that is. He says forget all that happened don’t tell anyone. Surbhi comes in the room and is shocked to see prem. She says what are you doing here ? he says I came for some business purpose. I will leave tomorrow. Surbhi says stay tomorrow and help me with the shopping. Prem says in heart siamr is alive but just in my thoughts. Surbhi says what happened ? its okay if you can’t stay. Prem says no I c an stay I will delay my flight. Roli gets a call from simar. everyone leaves for dinner. simar says I wanna meet you right now. Roli says are you okay ? she says please come, roli says okay I am coming.

jhanvi says to anurag on call this is just between you and me don’t call at landline else everyone will wonder. I can’t get them in trouble. It’s just between you and me. Sujata overhears her and says so there is something. I have to figure it out.

Roli meets Simar. Simar says I don’t know what happened when prem came ? What happened there ? I just remember that he was asking whats the truth and I planned on going downstairs and tell prem everything. roli says how is that possible ? how can you forget ? Aditi comes there and asks what happened roli ? roli says what are you doing here ? adiit says is that simar ? roli says something strange happened. didi told prem ji that she is sunnaina not simar and believed it but she doesn’t remember anything. siamr says what are you saying ? I can’t say that all to simar. Simar says what is happening with me. Natasha also forgot what happened at the Mehta house with her. Aditi says I think God also wants us to expose the truth of sunnaina’s death. We have to tell everyone the reality of najevan hospital. We are so near to the truth. Roli says didi you told me that there is a locker in vikran’s study. get the keys and look whats in it. Simar says its not that easy. Keys are in his briefcase and he keeps it with him. aditi says you have to look for a chance. simar says yeah I know what to do. Simar leaves.Baa asks simar to call vikran. Vikran is in his study going though his locker. He takes out an envelope and stares at a picture. Simar knocks the door her hurriedly closes everything. Simar says baa called you. Vikran goes out. Simar says he’ll take sometime. She plans on going in.

Precap-Roli says didi check what’s in locker of vikran’s study. Simar sees the photo of sunnaina in his locker. Aditi asks roli to go to simar. Simar is in tears. She hugs roli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What happenend with simar why do she not recall what hapoened downstairs ogodd!

    1. Yh I agree. What’s happening

  2. This show is getting interesting. Plz update quickly

  3. Ohhhhh sunaina mehta is Aditii!!!!!!!!!”!” im sure

    1. Even I think so

      1. harshitha reddy

        so i’m i

  4. They have been showing the same precap

  5. Since a week now

    1. harshitha reddy

      dey rn’t gvng it as tmrw in precap………..but dey r gvng it as is hafthe…………

  6. Yess read the spoiler alert in it says simar sees the photo of sunnaina and in the pic sunainna is aditi.. 😉

  7. Wow it means aditi is booth… can it be….yeah may be she is appearing here n there……she us sure a booth as she is standing in the place of sunainas accident I read many stories where the booth always wandering neat their death places ………

  8. may be its not simar but sunaina who came to talk to prem

  9. I thnk dey did d sm thng with aditi/sunaina fr which simar nd batasha didn’t remember anythng or may be aditi is doing dat drama for to punish d guilty

  10. Yes I m very sure aditi is sunayna. Cos from very beginning.. In the car with roli, she exposes the invisible diary by purposely pouring water. She appears whenever and wherever. She doesn’t allow roli to stay with her after escaping hospital. The head nurse dies when she tried to tell about roli. Suddenly aditi disappeared when kushi comes to roli. And it was she who came inside simar to send prem.

  11. Where is today’s epi??

  12. Please update today’s epi we r waiting…..

  13. I’ll tell u
    Basically simar checks the photo of sunaina and she also checks the passport and Aditi is sunana
    Aditi is already dead that is her spirit. Only simar and roli can see her. She entered simar’s body and said to prem that she is sunaina and not simar
    Today’s precap is that roli and simar try to run but can’t as aditi I mean sunaina’s spirit closes the door and she says to trust her

  14. That is why simar didn’t remember anything because sunaina was controlling her

  15. Thanks friend and that’s why Natasha also forgot what happened bcoz she also controlled by aditi

  16. Wherea todays update

  17. Where’s today episode

  18. Hey where is tdy’s epi..????its 10:09 alrdy..!!

  19. Its not boooth…..
    some science behind all this….
    its going interesting

  20. Episode for today????!

  21. Y r u people even waiting for the written update just watch the episode. Seriously! !!

  22. Zoya everyone is not just a free b*t*h like u

  23. Yes u r as u are sitting here waiting for the written update

  24. Shut up they are updating it now zoya u selfish brat no one likes u looool

  25. Do u even know the meaning of lol
    And how can u say that no one likes me. I’ve got family and friends that like me unlike u ajibul islam

  26. And how am I selfish
    Before writing think on what you’re going to say is gonna make sense

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