Sasural Simar Ka 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 25th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with uma and pari giving roli healthy food to roli and they give her ladoo to eat. Simar and janvi are watching this from a distance and simar is happy while janvi is very angry seeing roli happy. Roli says to uma that doesn’t she think that more than her pari needs to eat ladoo cause it is good for her and her kid. Roli feeds pari the ladoo and uma and roli laugh. Roli sees simar standing outside and asks her to come inside and says that why is she crying. Uma says that these are khushi ke aanson. Janvi says in her mind that roli spill water on her plan and she is laughing here. Simar says inher mind that roli I have seen you laughing after so much time. Then pari and uma ask that who is the girl standing outside. Then simar introduces janvi and says that she helped

mataji getting her purse robbed from a chor and recalls the whole incident how it happened. Then roli uma and pari thank her. Simar says to janvi that she will show her the guest room and asks her to come with her. While janvi is going she recalls the whole incident as to how she kidnapped roli. They show khushi giving money to the doc and the doc asks the wardboy to throw the dead body then while janvi is going her bracelet gets stuck in the cloth that is put on roli’s face and is shocked to see roli dead she somehow gives her life and then kidnaps her and and takes her in the old bhardwaj haveli and gives her injections of drugs. Simar comes to janvi and asks her to come and asks her that where was she lost. She then tells her to go in the guestroom. On the other hand sujata and mataji are praising janvi for her braveness(they don’t know only that she is their barbadi…..lolzz ;-( ) then the door bell rings and the police comes. The police tells them that they searched the old haveli but did not get anything. Mataji says haveli and then the police says that it is surprising to know that the haveli is bhardwaj family’s only property. Mataji and everyone get shocked except simar. Then mataji asks simar that which haveli is the police talking about. She tells them that it is the haveli situated outside delhi. Mataji sujata and her husband are shocked.

Mataji shouts at simar and says that she should have asked her but sujata calms her down and mataji goes in her room. Mataji syas to the police that the haveli is apshagun that’s why. Siddhanth tells police to continue with their investigation.

Sujata goes to mataji and syas nothing will happen. Then mataji says maybe their past has come out and that’s why roli was kidnapped and kept in that haveli itself nad it cant be a coincidence. Janvi hears this convo and is happy to learn that mataji realized that her past has come to take revenge. Janvi goes to her room and calls her mom and gives her this news that she is at the bhardwaj’s house and their motive will be completed now. She then keeps the call and the screen freezes on kanvi’s happy face.

Precap: None.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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