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Sasural Simar Ka 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika says to Simar that i dont want to put your life in danger for my people, Simar says we dont have any other way, they need you and even if something happens to me while doing something for them, i wont regret, trust Mata Rani, she has not let anything bad happen and she wont even now, and maybe Mata rani wants this, see you meeting us and then saving us from Patali and living with us, maybe Mata Rani has chosen me to end Patali. Devika says you cant enter Patal lok like this, first of all i have to do shuddi so that your soul leaves you and go to Patal lok and your body will stay here like statue, Simar says if family knows about my step then they wont allow me to do this, Devika says then what will you say to them?
Devika says to Mata ji that i got selfish and was trying

to snatch Simar’s love, i have realized my mistake, i am sorry, Devika sits in her feet, Mata ji makes her stand up and says you have realized your mistake and thats enough, Devika folds her hand and says i am sorry for my mistake, she comes to Prem and says i never had any wrong intentions for you and even i dont have now, Prem says i know you must be forced to do it, its not your mistake, Devika says before going, i must tell you all that Simar’s sacrificing nature has opened my mind, Mata ji says whatever you did, still we had trust on you but what you said rightnow, i didnt expect this from you, i mean you ask forgiveness from strangers not from your own family, you are part of family, we have right on you, Roli says place Simar holds in our hearts, you hold same place so you are not going anywhere, you have to live with us, Devika says but i have to do one work, Prem asks what work? Simar says to end Gayetri’s powers, Devika has kidnapped Gayetri but her powers has not ended, for that we have to go to Mathura’s mandir from where Gayetri started to become Patali, we will have to do pooja there so that Patali can never misuse her powers, Devika says dont worry nothing will happen to me and Simar, this is right time to do it, it will take four days and night to complete this, we will have to leave soon, Mata ji says but you and Simar alone arent safe, Devika says trust me nothing will happen to us, we are going in mandir where years back Gayetri asked me to make her Patali, it all started from there and now i will finish it on that spot only, Mata ji prays to Mata rani.
Simar is sitting in her room, she says i am taking such a big step without telling my family, she wipes her tears, Prem comes there and says you seem tensed, Simar says nothing, Prem is lifting anjali, Simar says she never comes to mama, she asks Anjali to come to her but Anjalijerks her away, she recalls how Simar was cruel to her, Simar gets sad, Prem asks Anjali to go, Anjali looks at Simar and leaves, Simar is in tears, she says to Prem that for mother, kids are more than life and from the time i got to know what i did with Anjali, i am hating myself, Prem says its not your fault, Simar says she doesnt call me mother now, i am dying to listen mama from her mouth, Prem says she will take time to forget it, Simar thinks that i dont have time, i am going from where i may not return, Prem says i feel you are hiding something from me, Simar says no i am worried about Anjali, Prem says i promise you will get your Anjali soon, he asks her to take rest and he will do her packing, he starts packing, Simar thinks that i am going to take big risk but for my family, i have to sacrifice myself.

Scene 2
Devika says to Simar that i have set time, we will go out from house on that time, nobody will doubt us, you still have time, you should take decision after thinking, you can even tell Mata ji about it, you can go in Patal lok but its difficult to come out of it and it can become impossible too, Simar thinks and says no, what may come but i will not change my decision, Devika says what about family? if they get to know about reality? Mata ji comes there and says what truth? Simar says Roli was telling me that you have arranged Jagrata, Mata ji says yes, every problem is ending so to thank Mata rani, i have arranged it, you both get ready and come down, she starts leaving and thinks that this has happened for first time that Simar didnt answer my question, Devika and Simar are hiding something from me? or maybe its my doubt only, she leaves. Devika sys to Siamr that we have to take out your soul from your body before 11:40 till tomorrow else we will have to wait till next eclipse.
Jagrata starts, Pundit starts it, Pundit asks Simar to light Akhandjot, Simar lights diya, Devika says to mata ji that till we dont return after pooja, this diya should kept lighten up, Mata ji says i promise to take care of it, Siamr thinks that i dont know if i will get chance to pray with family again so i just wanna asks Mata rani to keep my family.
Simar starts aarti, she sings bhajan, Simar’s saree is about to get fire from Diya but Prem pushes her back, Prem says you should have been careful, Mata ji says thank God nothing happened, she says to Devika that i am afraid, i cant stop you both but i am afraid, Simar says dont worry, nothing can happen to me as i have your blessings and Prem’s love, it always protect me, Roli says you are right, dont worry Devika is also going with her, she will not let anything happen to Simar, Devika thinks i know everything still playing with Simar’s life, Simar says i wanna take Mata rani’s blessings with Devika before going, DEvika comes forward, Simar and Devika bows down to Mata rani, flower falls on their heads from Mata Rani’s head, Mata ji says Mata rani has blessed you both, now there is no fear, i am sure you both will win and Patali will lose.

PRECAP- Mata ji see Diya blowing, she runs and saves it. Family member tells her that news was showing, a bus had accident, Simar and Devika were traveling in it, all are shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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