Sasural Simar Ka 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 25th January 2013 Written Update

Roli is thinking everyone is going to have everything when u return and u will have ur roli. all leave and masi consoles roli and so does simar. Roli says sid has gone for 3 days on a conference. you should have told him everything. he was so angry with u. and roli says as angry sid was he will be much happier when he knows everything is back. and simar prays to GOD!

Khushi is mad at family and telling where to do the pooja in the mandir and is decorating it. khushi sees the family watching her and says to a servant…cook 25 different dishes for 50 odd ppl. today is makarsankarati festival and i want to celebrate it in such a way that no one has done. and khushi says u watch mataji how i celebrate this festival in my style. Roli is thinking khushi ur bad phase has started. Roli thinking why is veeru taking so much time…dont know whether he made khushi sign papers or not. Veeru comes and veeru and roli talk in sign. Simar is praying to God to support roli. Veeru goes to khushi and says billo u said u will sign in the morning. and khushi says i will sign later. Veeru says its such a small thing to do…come on sign it. khushi says fine give it to me…and she takes the papers and khushi about to sign but she says she is going to read it first before signing it. Veeru and all shocked. Veeru is thinking first page is correct but after that its property papers…and roli is also worried. Simar is also thinking oh no khushi should not see the papers. Khushi says i want to read before reading the papers or else…and then she says u know what happens…and points to the bhardwaj family and laughs. she says i dont want to be like them. and says what are u looking at me…do ur work and then the family leaves

Roli is praying GOD please support me and khushi is reading the first page of the paper. all are tensed. as khushi is about to turn the page veeru snatches the paper and veeru says leave…i dont want this charity…dont sign. but today i have foind out what u think of me. and khushi says fine i will sign..and veeru says no i dont want it…u keep it. and veeru leaves. and masi simar and roli all tensed.

Roli simar and masi on terrance and simar saying if paper was signed all would be good…and roli says i will talk to him and she opens the door and shouts veeru u here…i was thinking of u .. why didnt u sign the papers. it was good opportunity now u r smiling. veeru says papers will get sign…i know billo. she herself will sign the papers. and property will be in my name until tomorrow morning.

all are touching the makarsankarati food and roli stands there alone and watches it. Simar says roli cant touch the thal but she is innocent. and roli also prays and says sorry to god. simar is about to put coin in the thal but propoersly drops it and roli picks up the coin and all look at her..and then masi says ye roli stop…jiji…we know roli is not part of family but sid and her are not divorced..but she is still family…so she also has to touch the thal. simar also agrees with masi but karuna opposes and mataji says if a stranger comes to ur house at the time of pooja then they become part of pooja. then masi calls roli and masi and simar are happy. and roli puts coin in the thal and touches the thal. then they offer it to god.

they all pray to god.

precap – khushi says veeru where are u going..u r not going to attend the pooja…and veeru says where no one has trust on me why should i stay here…and khushi says fine tell me where u want me to sign.. I will sign it.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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