Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram says apologize Tai ji. You hurt her not me. Anjali says I am sorry tai ji. Saroj says no no I didn’t want you to apologize in front of your friends but I am hurt because you broke the fast. I am scared something might happen to our family. Anjali says no nothing would go wrong. I will repent for my mistake. Vikram says enough. I don’t want any more discussion here. We will talk when we are home.

They come home. Saroj says Guru ji was so mad when I told him that anjali broke the fast. Vikram says Shanaya forced her to eat. She didn’t do it on her won. Anjali will fast for another day. Saroj says Guru ji said this is not right. Breaking a fast comes with horrible consequences. Guru ji said Anjali has to do repentance/. Vikram says Anjali will do it

for me right anjali? Anjali says yes I will.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vikram wakes up. He looks for Anjali everywhere. Tao ji says Saroj took her to temple for repentance.
Roshni and Piyus are in pooja. Roshni says in heart I hope everything goes right between me and Piyush. Piyush’s phone rings. Its Vadahi. Mataji says you can’t use your phone. His phone keeps ringing. Mataji says who is it? Piyush says no one. I am silenting it. Mataji reads Vadhai’s name.
Uma says to Pari Piyush is being called by Vadahi.

Saroj and anjali are at temple. All of Saroj’s friends are there. Anjali says why are all they here? Saroj says you are going a good deed that is why I asked them to come. Saroj says first ritual is to shower with this water. ANjali says I already took a shower. Saroj says these women will shower you with this water so you are pure to do the rituals. Anjali says its ice cold. Saroj says this is about this lake, the water is always ice cold. Saroj’s friends shower her with water. Anjali says can’t we avoid this? saroj says you have to be pure. This is important. The pour the cold water on Anjali. Anjali says lets do Shiv’s rounds. You have to do this without slippers.

Anjali and Piyush are doing pooja. they do all the rituals together.
Saroj brings Anjali near Shivling. Anjali starts the round. Saroj says wait, like I told you. You have to take 101 rounds around shivling with a dia on your hand. Anjali says what? Her friend says but be sure if you stop or the dia blows you have to do it all again. Saroj places the dia on her hand. Anjali starts walking. Her hand is burning. Anjali stops. Her feet are burning as well because of scorching sun.

Pandit ji says the pooja rituals are done. Lets do the arti. Mataji says Piyush where is your concentration? Piyush says how long will it take? Pandit says a little more time.
Roshni and Piyush do the arti together. He checks his phone there are so many missed calls of Vadahi. He says I am sure she is in trouble. He goes out and calls her. Mataji sees him. Piyush says oh God, don’t worry I am coming. He leaves. MAtaji says where are you going? You can go after pooja. He says there is an emergency and leaves.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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