Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji is digging in the jungle. A woman is standing there as well.
Guru maa says those evil forces are using your mata ji. Save her. She is in trouble. And this is really terrible.
Mata ji smiles at the lady. Simar says why are they after mata ji? Guru maa says I don’t know the answer to it yet. you have to do something. You have to give me something related to your mata ji. Only your mata should use this thing. SImar says okay I am leaving for home I will bring you something like that. Guru maa says this should be kept to you only. If those evil souls find about it, it will be even more dangerous for your mata ji. Simar says don’t worry I wont tell anyone.

Mata ji says don’t worry you friend will do this for you. Suddenly she cuts her foot

a little. The other woman says stop, this is enough for today. Lets go home. Mata ji starts walking towards her.
Roli wakes up and says its 4. I sat here to keep an eye on mata ji. Maybe she is in her room. I should check. She goes to mata ji’s room. Mata ji is not there. Roli is dazed. She says mata ji is not in her room. She runs outside. Mata ji is standing on the gate. Roli is shocked to see her. Roli says is there anything wrong with your foot? should I help you? Mata ji says I don’t need your sympathy. Roli says mata ji why is there so much dust on your clothes. Mata ji says I went to ground to walk. Roli says so late? Mata ji says its my wish. I can go whenever I want. Roli says what are you cocnealing from us? Mata ji says are you my mom? Why should I tell you everything. I am sick of you and your sister. why you intrude in other’s matter. Sid says she didn’t mean that. Mata ji says you, your wife’s slave. Better stay quite. She says only I have right to question in this house. And Everything will be according to me. Roli says I am sorry but let jhanvi check once. You have a bruise on your foot. Mata ji says I am fine. She goes to her room. Uma says she is walking fine. Roli says no I saw her. Chantu says I trust you roli. I feel like you are all in trouble. We should do something. Khushi says yes but what can we do?

Scene 2
Next morning, mata ji writes something on board. She asks someone to come and read it. She says now you see how I treat them. I will ruin their life so much that they can’t intrude in our business. Mata ji says everyone come here. They all come. Mata ji says where is everyone? She says I have written some rules on the board. Uma reads them from beginning. These rules have to be implemented in this house.
Uma reads.. Simar comes in. Mata ji says welcome. She is here, the leader. She went to meet her friend at midnight. How was it? Read it uma.
uma reads:
Everyone will sleep at 10, I wont go to temple, everyone will do whatever I ask, when I ask for food serve me three plates and only karuna will bring it, khushi and Pari will clean every corner of the house thrice a day with toothbrush. Roli simar will do all the kitchen work. They will count 50k rice and pulse grain and cook it. There shouldn’t be a single grain less. Uma will bring vegetables and serve me only. Mata ji says other people will have work assigned too. And who breaks these rules will be punsihed. Chantu says why are you doing this? They are your family. Mata ji says its important to tell them who the owner of this house is.
Prem says how will they do this? Simar says if mata ji wants that we will do it. Simaar says in heart I know thats not you.

Simar calls guru maa that she can’t find anything. she says mata ji is in her room and she is behaving weird. Guru maa says keep in mind what I told you. simar says yes i know. Chantu comes in, she says simar what are you doing here? simar says i came to take some pillows. She asks did you get to know about malti? simar says she is not in this world. They told me that she was a witch so they burned her. Chantu says that means, the rumor was right. simar says yes. I think we are right. Thats malti’s soul that has captured mata ji. Simar hears the little girl crying. She says this voice? can you hear it? a little girl crying. Chantu says no I cant hear anything. Chantu says I remember there used to be a little girl with malti. simar says was she 6 or 7? Chantu says you know? simar says I have seen her soul. When i was inquiring about malti. she tells her everything. Chantu says you have to be careful. These souls are so dangerous. They can do anything. Simar hears the cry again. Simar says how can she harm someone. she is so young. Chantu says that little bride is responsible for everything.

Precap-Simar leaves. Chantu locks her room and turns into someone else.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. twist twist twist……. when will this end???

  2. Very nice..please dont stop giving these updates..i read them regularly..thanx!!

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Change the show name….
    From Sasural Simar ka to Sasural Bhut ka ya fir Ghar or bhoot bangla….

  4. nonono change it to sasural dayano ka

  5. is this true guys that maya has replaced roli’s character

  6. This serial’s name should be changed to sasural dayan ka or sasural musibato ka

  7. Mata ji brings a hunter angrily and says she will
    either beat herself or Simar. Prem says I won’t let
    Mata ji do this. Mata ji keeps the condition that
    she will punish Simar, or herself. Simar asks Mata
    ji to get anger out on her. Mata ji is beating Simar
    with hunter. Prem cries seeing all this and can’t
    bear this sight. He tries to stop Mata ji. Simar
    does not oppose Mata ji and silently bears the
    punishment. Mata ji then asks Simar to make 1000
    samosas in one day and creates troubles for her.
    Prem apologizes to Simar, as he has seen the
    tortures on Simar and could not save her from
    Mata ji.

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