Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amar says on loud speaker we need your powers, cover your eyes. no start moving forward, she follows. amar says there is a rope on a pole on your right side. Pull it. fake roli says you wont be safe from me. He says do as i say. She pulls the rope. A net falls on her and she gets stuck in it.

Prem goes to sid’s room. Sid comes from back and says where are you going? roli is sleeping in there. Prem says i saw her going outside, i tried to stop her but she didn’t listen. prem says this is awkward so i came to ask. Sid says come in and check. i understand you concern, sid goes in the room and sees that roli isn’t there. He looks here and there. Prem says the window is open. Sid looks out, he calls her but her phone is in the room. Sid says i think

i should ask family. prem says she looked worried, she must be in some trouble. Lets go and find her. Sid says yes lets go,

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Fake roli says once i get my trunk i will give you so painful death. Simar brings roli in front of her. Amr says i have heard you can even treat patients that doctors can’t treat. she says i need to touch her. amar says we are not stupid. you can use your green eyes, you use them to hypnotize people. she says how do you know all this. He says stop asking me question and do as i say. open the blindfold. She takes off her blindfold, roli’s face is covered. Fake roli says who is this? a woman or a man? amar says this person is like an alive deadbody. you have to get her better. She spills out green laser from her eyes and its goes to roli. Roli starts recalling everything since her accident. roli goes in front her. Fake roli is shocked. Simar says roli stop. Roli sees her in tears. Fake roli is shocked to see simar and roli. SHe says this means simar did this to me. Simar hugs roli. They recall all their life together. Amar says oh God she saw amar and roli, she can’t harm them till she is in that net.

Fake roli says didi you did this to me? roli says you have no right to call her didi. Fake roli says she doesn’t deserve to be called, i gave her so much love and respect. She kept betraying me, roli says you deserve this. fake roli says don’t say a word against me. i will kill you this time. roli says i am not scared of your threats, you did all you could do to my family. your end in near. simar says lets go from here. Roli says don’t worry i am with you, i remember everything now, she ruined our lives, i wont leave her. we have faced all the problems. Fake roli says now i am going to do something i should have done much before.

Pari says to everyone, prem sid and roli are nowhere. Shushma comes and says is verma here? sujata says why are you looking for him here? She says he came here in the morning and didn’t return since then. sujata says what is happening. rajhinder calls prem. Sid says i think we should pick the call. rajhidner asks sid where are you, prem and roli? Sid says i ma out with prem. we don;t know where roli is, prem saw her going out. prem says papa dont worry she must have gone to temple we will check there and call you. Prem says sid don’t worry i am sure she must be in temple.

Fake rolo turns into snake, roli is shocked and scared. She starts coming towards roli and simar.

Precap-sid and prem come to temple. Prem sees the snake and so does sid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. unrealistic but intresting..

    now atlst sid may accpt d truth..

  2. update faster plzzz

  3. No sid is not gonna know the truth…there are more twists and turns coming up till march 2nd. He wont accept roli until then.

  4. This story is revolving around twists and turns for the past one and half month. When will this rubbish track end?!!

  5. if sid knows truth tmrw den how can they xtnd it till 2nd march?

  6. Now that simar and roli are together… would be as always….

  7. frm 2-3 days only boring episodes… no new news… interesting but expanding a lot…

  8. He jusy saw the snake right but he dn’t know that is fake roli

  9. But there is no rosid pic in tat @soumya

    1. see all pics..two pic rosid…press next arrow…you can see..

  10. in last pic gun is der in sid’s hand and real roli also der with sid.. can anyone explain about the pic plz……. more twist and turns til march 2nd.

    1. i think to save roli(avika)…bacause..she came to take sid..with if sid is not their…nagin cant do any thing so..he tired to save sacrificing..himself..

  11. Shruthi returns to Bharadwaj house as Roli

    In Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka, very soon Simar (Dipika Samson) will succeed in getting her sister Roli (Avika Gor) back to the Bharadwaj house as Siddhant’s wife.

    It is presently shown that Amar, Prem, Calender and Simar have coaxed fake Roli to come to the temple to collect her trunk.

    But for this they will demand in exchange that fake Roli should cure the real Roli.

    Also they will make fake Roli unconscious with some sacred ashes to get rid of her.

    Siddhanth will be brought to the venue and the real Roli will convince him about being his wife.

    Siddhanth will half heartedly agree and bring her back to the Bharadwaj house as his wife.

    However fake Roli is not gone far away, as she will strick back with revenge for being put out of the house and to take Siddhanth.

  12. Sid n Sara khan re really really cute n romantic couple

    1. sorry..we r really.. irritated to see sara..we wont roli..we wont rosid..aviman.back….sid and nagin pair worst..can’t see them together…plz support aviman….we r waiting for end of nagin track..i just hate..sara..her expressions…acting…voice…just..irritating

  13. Sid n fake roli really luk goodon screen

  14. We hate that sara v.muchhhh….,.

  15. I even hate Sara we want roil sid back

  16. 15days chalenge between roli and naagin… iska matalab march 2nd ko be es kahani anth nahi hoga hi kya.. aur kitne din dis track chalegi?

  17. finally siddharth see the snake

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