Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Khushi says i want true love in you. Roli hugs Sid and says i am very sorry for ignoring you. I have taken you for granted. He says I have made this sweet. He sings for her a song and makes her eat the sweet he has made.
There Sankalp holds Khushi’s hand.
Sid and Roli are enjoying dance.
Sankalp comes closer to Khushi and hugs her.

Scene 2
Khushi wakes up beside Sankalp and smiles. She gets up and looks at her mask its damaging. She wonders how it happened ? What should I do now. She remembers boby telling her that its temporarily recovered. She plans on leaving from there. She goes out and calls Boby and says only you can save me. If sankalp gets to know my reality I will kill my self. Boby says don’t worry I am coming. When she

turns back manager is standing behind her.

Scene 3
Simar gives Jhanvi her lunch box and asks when is the head nurse’s name going to be announced. Jhanvi says who cares when I just wanted to be a responsible nurse. She tells Simar what happened yesterday. Simar says you should talk to doctor and clear things. Jhanvi says its useless.

Scene 4
Sankalp wakes up and finds sonia is no where. He wonders where can she go ? He opens the door and finds khushi with a collar there. She says it was paining i have applied the balm. Get ready I wanna go out. Sankalp says we should cancel all the plans for today. Sankalp calls the manager and says cancel all our tickets. Khushi takes the phone and says cancel one tickets. SHe says you have to go I don’t wanna ruin your plans. You will go to see Goa. He says only if you promise that you will get rest.

Scene 5
Boby is in the lounge with her stuff. She says my friend has met an accident I am going to see her. Mataa ji says oh you should go then ask her if you need any help.
Sid comes in talking on phone. He says we have worked on this project with so much hard work. Email me the documents. He tells everyone that client said that he had courier some documents but no one returned. Roli says yes I saw boby and sonia reading some papers. Sid says how is that possible she must have informed me if got those papers. Karuna says i am trying to call her but their phones are switched off.
Sid calls the resort and asks the reception to connect to sonia. She says they have asked not to disturb them. Simar says how about sid and roli going to Goa. In this way they will spend time with each other as well. Roli is really happy. Sid asks roli to do the packing.

Scene 6
Doctor Arora comes to Jahnvi and says I wanna apologize I got mad at you without knowing. It was not your duty timings. Jhanvi says you know the reality that’s enough for me. She says thanks to him. He says someone else deserves the thanks. He asks simar to come in. He says she forced me to go in the detail. Jhanvi thanks simar.

Scene 7
Boby arrives at the resort. Khushi shows her the mask. Boby says what have you done it will take 24 hours to fix it. Till then you have to be without mask. Khushi says how is that possible.

Precap-Khushi comes and says what kind of manager is that. Just wanna sleep now. SHe opens the door suddenly roli stops h

Update Credit to: Atiba

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