Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 25th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
The whole family arrives at their house. Mataji and the others look at it longingly. she remembers their time together in the house, with each person reliving their memories attached to the house.

The neighbours too wish them. She thanks the goddess that she returned everything back to them, and that it feels like a new life. She says that the happiness thta the see today, is the result of their patienec and endurance and op top of it all, roli’s sacrifice. Sujata too agrees complimenting her on her feat. Mataji thanks roli. Roli says that she too is a member of this family, and she couldnt have been happy without her family’s happiness, hence she did it for her. Simar too tells mataji that they shouldnt dwell in the past,

and should look at their life ahead. Theyd ecide to enter together. Sid however is in a self guilty mode, thinking of what he has done with roli, as well as naina, whose trust he broke off. He thinks that he would have to apologize to them both. He thinks about calling naina, but then hesitates being at a loss of words to measure up his apology to naina. Mausiji asks sid to come along with them.

As the whole family on mataji’s insistence, decides that they would enter the house together, they are suprised when they find the door opening up from the inside and shocked when they see khushi, sarcastically welcoming them, with a puja thali. She taunts saying that they were so late in coming, and that she has been waiting for a long time to welcome them in the house. She starts doing the welcomes puja, at their shocked faces. Prem, uanble to take it any longer, throws the thali from her hand, saying that she should leave right now. Roli taunts her saying that she is still in shock at her loss, hence has had a memory loss. she reminds khushi that she doesnt have any right on this house ever again, and if she wants respect, she would willingly move out of the house, and never cast her evil eyes on this house, ever again. She throws khushi out of the way. Mataji and the others enter, but mausiji pushes her further, and pari and uma too follow her and shovel khushi out of the way, much to her irritation.

Roli tells khushi that this house always was, is and will be the bharadwaj family’s house. Evereyone else is looking at their house lovingly. As roli is about to slam the door on her face, khushi opens the door, and says that she is absolutely right in saying that this house belongs to bharadwaj family, and hence she has the same right on this house as her, as she too is Mrs. Khushi Bharadwaj, being the wife of Sankalp Bharadwaj, who stands shocked hearing this. He asks her not to talk nonsense and that they odnt have any relation. Karuna too says that she never thought of sankalp as her husband, then why now. She asks her to stop this drama and get out of the house, throwing her away. Khushi tells karuna not to show such anger, as its not good for her health, and she might regret it later.

Mataji says that they bore till now all that she handed to them, as they were helpless, but not anymore. Hence she tells khushi that she should leave the house. Khushi tells mataji that being the eldest, she shouldnt think like this and offers to explain her everything. She calls out to her lawyer, who to the family’s shock, tells them that legally, they cannot throw her out of the house as she is still a member of this family, due to her marriage with sankalp, showing them the marriage certificate, and saying that he still hasnt divorced khushi. All are shocked at this latest turn of events. Prem takes a look at the papers, and finds them authentic. khushi stands victorious. Mataji is told by prem that they dont have any other option, and they cant throw her out of the house yet. All are tensed to hear this. Khushi goes to sankalp saying that he hasnt divorced her yet, which means he still feels for her, which has drawn her back to him, and hugs him, at which he throws her arms away from him. She goes over to rest in her room, pretending to be tired.

As she leaves, prem thinks that he wont let her win again. Sankalp thinks that its all due to his carelessness of not giving divorce to her. mataji asks him not to think like that, and that right now she’s more concerned for a work that she has to do for her kids. she hints at mausiji who immediately understands what she wants and leaves to get it.

Mataji tells sid that roli didnt bother for her happiness, and even sacrificed her marital relationship, for their benefit. Even though, they are all together and have got everything back, they should see that roli gets whatever she has lost, her respect, her pride as a bharadwaj’s daughter in law, and the respect of being sid’s wife. All and especially roli are overwhelmed to hear this. Sujata too agrees.

Mausiji gives mangalsutra to sid. Mataji tells sid to put the mangalsutra around roli’s neck, to mark a new chapter in their life and give roli her respect back again and her sanctity of the marriage with sid. He raises his hands to do so, but to the whole family’s shock and roli’s horror, he stops midway saying that he wont be able to do it, when he remembers his night with naina. sid stands with his head down. The screen freezes on roli’s shocked face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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