Sasural Simar Ka 25th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 25th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vadahi sees Piyush, she shuts the door. Vadahi says oh God piyush here? I think the boss is his friend. I can’t work here. She runs out. Piyush says to his friend, I am leaving now. Piyush leaves the office.

Vikram says to saroj let it go please? She says can you imagine me doing that? Vikram says you held my hand and taught me how to walk. I trust you more than myself. I know you can never do this. But someone stole it. Even if anjali did that, why would she? Saroj says we can’t accuse her. Vikram says you are right we will all know the truth. Anjali overhears it. She says he is always on her side. I hope it doesn’t expose me.

Vikram comes outhouse, he recalls his time spent there with Vadahi. He sees Vadahi there. piyush says you.. Piyush hugs

her and says don’t ever leave me. I want to say so much to you. It’s roshni. He thinks its Vadahi. Piyush caresses her face. Piyush realizes its Vadahi. He says you here? Roshni says she has left. Please forget her. Piysuh says no. I won’t ever. Roshni says open your eyes, she isn’t right for you. She doesn’t deserve you. She is a characterless girl. Piyush says enough. You don’t know her. I am sure she was forced to do this. She has a pure heart. He leaves. Roshni says I won’t let you find Vadahi. I will change your love into hatred for her.

KB says on call Anjali you played so well. Anjali says but Vikram doesn’t want to believe his tai can do this. KB says you have to prove tai ji wants to separate you and Vikram. slowly posion everyone’s mind against her.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vikram is coughing. Tai ji says why don’t you turn off the AC after shower. she dries his hair. He says I feel better. Saroj says mother’s hand is only to heal their kids. Anjali comes in and says in heart she always has to come in between. Anjali brings the tea. Anjali says we thought we would have tea here and have breakfast down here. Saroj says okay you two enjoy I will massage bhai sahab’s feet. Vikram says Anjali will don’t worry. Saroj says no no I will do it. VIkram says thank you for everything you do for us. Lets have tea with us. SAroj says no. Vikram says sit with us.

Piyush says sohail saw her leaving on the bus. I hope she has not left Dehli. Prem says Piyush reach office I am coming there. prem says I don’t think she has left city. We will find her.

Anjali says I will do anything to prove her wrong I can even hurt myself a little.
Piyush meets Roshni. She says see Vadahi’s new account on fb. She wrote she is leaving Dehli forever. I never liked this city and it’s people. Piyusyh says i can’t believe this. He reads, the worst time of my life was in dehli and that is why I am leaving this city. Roshni says she wrote she will never come here. Forget her. Piyush hits his hand on car. It bleeds. ROshni says what are you doing. it would hurt you. He says I already am.

Agarwal says where is annjali? Vikram says she is coming. Anjali says I am here. She steps on the oil and slips from the stair and faints. Everyone runs there. Vikram picks her up. She is pretending to be fainted. Vikram says anjali please open your eyes. They pour water on her face. Vikram says why is she not opening her yes. Tao ji says let me call the doctor. Anjali opens her eyes. She hugs Vikram. Vikram says are you okay? Anjali says my foot hurts. It is bleeding. Vikram says oil. He says how did this oil come there? Anjali says it was there on stairs I guess. Agarwal says how would oil come on stairs. Vikram recalls Saroj said she is going to massage Agrwal’s feet. Vikram says tai ji you were taking oil to massage papa’s feet.

Precap-Anjali says when you couldn’t do anything you tried to kill me? Saroj says she is out of her mind. Anjali says your room is downstairs. Why did you take oil upstairs? Vikram says for how long will I overlook all these things you do tai ji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please bring the truth of anjali in front to families including Khushi who is the main target makes her do all these wrong and on top of her mother.. Please makes anjali to back to Simar it’s too much and kick Khushi out .. Pulling longer and this is becoming bored..

  2. Sadiya Rahman

    Finally khushi truth is out I just wish anjali loves her mum and roshni marries piyush and anjali tells the truth about the necklace and says sorry to saroj and they forgive her and roshni brother to come back on the to show sasural simar ka

  3. I want Vadehi and Piyush to get together. They’re so cute, and roshini is way annoying.

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