Sasural Simar Ka 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika throws something in patali’s eyes. Suddenly patali sees her idol. Patali says i got what i wanted. Nothing can stop me now.
Everyone is looking for anjali. She falls asleep in the closet.
Mata ji is in her room and says anjali where are you? Uma says I looked everywhere anjali is nowhere. Roli goes towards anjali’s room. Suddenly the closet opens a bit. Roli sees anjali inside.
She takes her out and takes her downstairs. Anajali doesn’t open her eyes. Khushi is peeking.

Khushi says devika couldn’t save that idol. Roli says she was faint in the closet. Simar says anjali please open your eyes. Pari comes in and says anjali.. She sees khushi on the gate. She says khushi why don’t you come in. Khushi says no i dont wanna come in. She leaves.
Gaitri places her hand on anjali’s head. she opens her eyes. Prem picks her up. Sujata says thank you so much. Mataji says anjali how you got locked in the closet. Anjali says I.. Simar says anjali I asked you not to do this. Anjalu says but mama.. Simar says shut up i wont hear anything else. Roli says why are you shouting at her. Simar says we should thank Gaitri.
Khushi says please show me a way God. Gaitri says there is that idol. Simar takes in the idol. She places it in the temple.

Devika comes in. Mata ji says we were so worried for you devika. Gaitri says dont give an excuse. She says devika is so childish. she took the idol to temple and we were both worried. Devika says there was no time. This idol should be in this house for simar didi.
Gaitri says the pooja should be done at 12 at night. Mata ji says thats okay but.. gaitiri says what happened?
Devika says I am sure simar will come back and she will end Patali that day. Till then I am here but i can’t tell them about patali yet. Simar says let me bring the arti.
Simar brings arti. There is dark in the temple. Mataji says I am coming in a moment. She lights the candle there. Simar takes the cloth off the idol. Patali is dazed.

Precap-Patali says simar is followed by negative powers we have to clean her soul. Some women come in and dance around simar. Patali pours something on her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Stupid concept.spreading superstitious belief.there is a limit for all of this from sunaina ghost now till patali devi doesnt the writers have any other concept.arent they in a modern society like us.i would not critisize this much if this show was really based on superstition.but a story depicting about the dreams of a girl how her dreams vanished becoz of marraige the bonding between sisters turned to chaos now.wat about simar’s passion to become a dancer where has that gone now.

  2. And roli .i would get tears if i speak about rosid scenes at all .wasting those good characters.they arent given a bit of importance

  3. Nowadays,ssk writers didn’t give any importance to roli devika,khushi role is more important than rosid.try to give more scenes to rosid we watch only bcoz of their chemistry

  4. U r right Manny they r not giving importance to rosid

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